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Outdated Mining Tools + 0.3

Pickaxes and Drills get new versions that can mine 4 blocks at once instead of 3.

  1. lornlynx

    lornlynx Cosmic Narwhal

  2. lornlynx

    lornlynx Cosmic Narwhal

  3. Xavius

    Xavius Cosmic Narwhal

    As an idea, make the 4-block version to 3-block next tier conversion be the remaining difference.
    As in, for a Platinum Pickaxe to Plat+, have it cost 4 Diamonds and 1000 pixels still, but going from a Plat+ to diamond is only 4 more diamonds and 600 pixels, the remaining cost from upgrading from Platinum to Diamond. You're still spending the materials, but you're getting an intermediate bonus int he meantime, until you can get the better tool.
  4. lornlynx

    lornlynx Cosmic Narwhal

    I could certainly do that. I just made some settings that made sense for me at the time, because I wanted to keep the option to go either route. Idea was to either go the 4-block tools, and be a bit slower in progression for an faster ore-boost and convenience, or saving your resources and keep the 3-block tools to get faster to the higher tiers. It is basically a balancing issue and I just haven't received enough feedback yet to make any changes. Anyways, I'll think about toning the + to next tier costs down a bit, but I have not so much time right now and there doesn't seem to be much problems with the current costs, so it will probably need a bit.

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