Modding Discussion Migrating XNB mods to Content Patcher packs

Discussion in 'Mods' started by Pathoschild, Mar 5, 2018.

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  1. HopeWasHere

    HopeWasHere Existential Complex

    Yeah, I've made personal files that includes everything, but in order to get it all you need to make separate files for both male and female hairs. I'm hoping with the new CustomShirts mod that something for hair will be possible soon. Until then I would stick with one, since the larger file can slow down the game in my experience
    • KazooKitty

      KazooKitty Void-Bound Voyager

    • breatemata

      breatemata Subatomic Cosmonaut

      sorry for asking again, but could someone please convert
      Karmylla's Spouse Rooms Edits - 4 Versions

      and make cp of this file, this is kawaii hats, but with hair compatibility, for the life of me i cannot find who did it

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      • blouwho?

        blouwho? Void-Bound Voyager

        THANK YOU for the BigBarnWinery. It is working great! Ghibli characters hanging for some wine and ale :)

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        • koyuki

          koyuki Void-Bound Voyager

        • squitz

          squitz Void-Bound Voyager

          CP version of Karmylla's Spouse Rooms Edits - 4 Versions (original here)

          If the original creator sees this, and would like to officially upload this himself, feel free! On the flipside, if you would rather I remove these files, feel free to message me asking me to do so.

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          • breatemata

            breatemata Subatomic Cosmonaut

            Thank you so much
            • erynaceous

              erynaceous Space Hobo

              Hey, when I try to use your Elliot mod, it doesn't work bc the file doesn't download as a zip file??? I'm not sure why, but my friend is having the same problem
              • Blaer

                Blaer Orbital Explorer

              • lessdenied

                lessdenied Void-Bound Voyager

                The instructions on the bottom of that post (add the .png to to Get Dressed, edit the config) work fine with Kisekae! I just tried it and am wearing one of the new skirts in my latest game. :)
                • Blaer

                  Blaer Orbital Explorer

                  Thank you so much! I saw this but thought it would break something (Still new to Stardew modding)
                  • millitone

                    millitone Void-Bound Voyager

                    I'm not sure if it is an issue with the original mod or the unofficial CP version (or if someone has pointed it out and it has since been fixed), but the steam animation texture that overlays the pool section is shifted too far to the right, so if you go to the left side of the pool there is no steam. I'm playing a male character in 1.3 beta.

                    This works perfectly otherwise. If there is a updated version or if you need additional info please the me know!
                    • farmerjack

                      farmerjack Void-Bound Voyager

                      @paradigmnomad and @flameofnight

                      Expanded Dialogue for Shane has officially been updated on nexus using the version that paradigmnomad created for me out of the goodness of their heart; thanks also to flameofnight for taking the trouble to post an update here.

                      So terribly sorry for the pitiful delay and negligence everyone.
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                      • demifly

                        demifly Void-Bound Voyager

                        Last edited: Jun 26, 2018
                      • Mukamii

                        Mukamii Seal Broken

                      • Moragaine

                        Moragaine Existential Complex

                      • Mukamii

                        Mukamii Seal Broken

                      • pinkeu.doll

                        pinkeu.doll Intergalactic Tourist

                        hi! there seems to be a minor glitch where it gives the 'large egg' text to the normal egg and vice versa?

                        Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 7.25.55 PM.png
                        • lexxyraptor

                          lexxyraptor Aquatic Astronaut

                        • breatemata

                          breatemata Subatomic Cosmonaut

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