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Discussion in 'Mods' started by Pathoschild, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. Terreoak

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    Thank you so much!! Yeah I don't know why yours doesn't work with my save but mine works perfectly now. In case someone want the version with the weathered floor and the upper bathroom I'll share it.

    Edit: fixed fireplace tiles

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      Here's a conversion of the recolours. Both sets of textures (9 total options) are included & the readme should cover how to choose the one you want in the config file. If you are playing on version 1.3, make sure you use "Bathroom after Second Houseupgrade" unofficial-4 (or later) from my earlier post.

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      • saradarko7

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        thank you sooo much, you've made my day!! :avalihug:

        edit: works perfectly in-game too. you rock, my dude!!
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        • blouwho?

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          Hoping to find bees and fairies around the beehouses in 1.3 compatibility, but I cannot even find the originals.
          Any help?
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          • literaltrashqueen

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          • m.mcdermott

            m.mcdermott Yeah, You!

            I haven't found compatibility for 1.3 but the original is
            Eemie's Bees -
            based on the Custom Critters mod, which I think is also where the fairy one comes from.
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            • Terreoak

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              Get portraiture on the nexus and it'll still be compatible!
              • literaltrashqueen

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                Oh my god, thank you so much! You're a life saver!!!
                • DaniellobatO

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                  First of all thank you very much to everyone who meets the requests of the staff here on this page!
                  I migrated my xnb mods that did not have their versions to Content Patcher for SV 1.3 and I ended up having crash problem and I realized very late that this was the reason ...
                  I would suggest and of course, humbly ask if any of the friends / programmers could convert these mods:

                  1- Cleaner Barns and Coops
                  (If possible, a version without the deluxe barn, because I use another mod, which is even the next)
                  Data: Endorsements 58, Unique DLs 730

                  2- Deluxe Barn Fix and more Space

                  Data: Endorsements 130, Unique DLs 1.511

                  3- Cook with any size milk

                  Data: Endorsements 48, Unique DLs 730

                  4- Rikuo's Character Portrait

                  Data: Endorsements 383, Unique DLs 6,979

                  5- A realistic bit


                  I put some data showing that they are well-seen mods by the community and that they are worth being converted.

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                  • junali

                    junali Void-Bound Voyager

                    I managed to do it myself, but I'm not sure how to add the update keys so there are none in the manifest (but I don't think this mods will get or need updates)

                    - Alternate Wood Fence [Original here] Credits to eemie

                    - Shorts for ladies [Original here] Credits to Meevers - config includes vanilla face and round face option

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                    • kbbq

                      kbbq Intergalactic Tourist

                      hi has anyone made a cp for this mod (Mi's Chic Cute Kitchen) :kitten2:
                      • glowy

                        glowy Title Not Found

                        Hello, alistairweekend here! I've updated my Content Patcher versions of all my Doki Doki Dialogue mods to use "EditData" rather than "FromFile."

                        @ayahimew - please ask me next time before you go ahead and do something like this; these mods are a part of my professional portfolio, so I really need to have all versions up on my page in order to display an accurate count of how many people have downloaded them.
                        • Kuriiyo

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                          Over here. It hasn't been put on the Wiki yet.
                          • kbbq

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                            aaaah thank you so much :love:

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