Modding Discussion Migrating XNB mods to Content Patcher packs

Discussion in 'Mods' started by Pathoschild, Mar 5, 2018.

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    Yeah, it was broken because it had .xnb replacements, and so broke when the game needs the new abandoned bundle stuff *shakes finger at previous converter*

    Anyway, here ya go! It has original mods options for the requirements and reward for the hardest fishing bundle!
    More info about options are in the readme file. PLEASE ping me if something is broken!

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      Thank you ver much!

      Unfortunately another mod is needed, to get community bundle overhaul running.
      I guess this the end then ...

      SMAPI Entry:
      [SMAPI] Skipped mods
      [SMAPI] --------------------------------------------------
      [SMAPI] These mods could not be added to your game.

      [SMAPI] - Stardew Config Menu 1.2.0 because it's no longer compatible. Please check for a new version at

      • Allayna

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        You don't need that! This is a CP version, just needs Content Patcher! But of course I did break something, check for updated version above!
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          Ok I do so. Thank you!
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            Hi, for pastel furniture I get this SMAPI message:
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              WOW I seriously left the entire old content.json content in the file... HOW the heck....
              I put up a fixed file in original post, thanks for telling me something was wrong!
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              • Allayna

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                Made a non xnb replacment version of Early Open Shops!
                My first foray into map patching! :D

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                • Kulturbanause

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                  Does it work correctly? Lots of bug and issue reports with the "old" version.
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                  • Allayna

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                    I tested it, it does work! There were bugs with old version because the entire files were replaced, and couldn't cope with new vanilla stuff
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                    • Allayna

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                      Updated version of Four Crystal Paths Retextures
                      the old CP version just used xnb replacements, so was out of date.

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                        Thanks so much!
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