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Discussion in 'Mods' started by Pathoschild, Mar 5, 2018.

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    Would anyone be willing to make a Content Patcher version of this mod? It's not on the list of unofficial updates and it hasn't been updated in a while. It's pretty much the only thing I still have Xnb Loader for, which works but it'd be nice to have it for CP. I'd deeply appreciate it!

    Edit: Never mind, found a CP update for a different mod that does the same thing.
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    • Awkward_Gremlin

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      How do you deactivate the flowers? Everytime I try to change the config file(s) I get an error message :(
      • Kaunisenkeli

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        What mod are you talking about?
        • Awkward_Gremlin

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          I´m new to this forum and I don´t know how it works yet, so sorry if I do something wrong or don´t know how to describe something :/ So I searched for an unofficial update for the Seasonal Victorian Buildings mod and found something, the person who uploaded it (don´t know the name anymore :( sorry) said that you could disable the flowers by changing something in the config.files. I tried changing it but I´m afraid to delete something or do something wrong :(
          • Kaunisenkeli

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              "UseFlowers": "false"
            I just tried the game with the config.json looking like the code section above and got no errors.
            • Miyuwoo

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              Hello, can someone convert till grass in farms mod to cp? I tried to use the mod Yellow dirt removal for content patcher that I found here, but something is wrong and it does not cover all parts of the map. I use the standard farm.

              Till Grass in Farms:
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              • KitteyWolf

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                I can't seem to find a current CP version of the "Farmhouse Basement mod" which adds a small basement and Bathroom to the second upgrade of the house. I'm looking for a CP for specifically
                "Farmhouse Basement Mod - Restored Version with an Upper Bathroom"
                so that I can use the cellar still. I'm also wondering if there is a fix for the fact that I can't sleep. [you have to leave the house or wait until 2am after attempting to sleep] I also can't seem to have my spouse ask if I want kids. I'm unsure if its related.
                Farmhouse Basement Mod - Restored Version with an Upper Bathroom
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                  Nevermind this- I was able to make a Custom Furniture pack of the flowers. Works with Custom Furniture Anywhere, with all flowers for any season. I'm attaching the file here in case anyone else would like it.
                  That said, if something like this is considered poor form, do let me know and I will pull it immediately.

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                    Already done :D

                    The author did not make this seasonal, so you would have to contact them and ask permission for someone to modify the file or see if they would make it seasonal.

                    And this one was already done here. If it needs updated, please let us know.
                    • Keskaowl

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                      I really enjoy kwillow's barn animal replacements: Cows, Goats, Sheep, and Pigs! I really wanted to update them to the current standards, and actually decided that it would be nice to combine them into a single mod with a config file. I offered the files to kwillow on Nexus, but she doesn't seem to be responding to messages anymore. So I thought it would be nice to upload it here so other fans can more easily use her animals.

                      Edit: Updated slightly for better compatibility with Content Patcher 1.7.

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                      • Opalie

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                        There you go! Configurable as well to only have to kitchen or not, since it comes with a bookshelf and a baby crib.
                        You can ask OP to make it pink, but we only convert in here! Not edit.

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                        • Kitsu Kitsu Aah

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                          Would love if anyone has the time to make pencilstabs into a CP mod
                          • CrazyQueen

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                          • Quil888ora

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                            Hi everyone, I am new to this site so I will ask so many (I am sorry)...
                            When I watch Korea youtube, there is Korea building like this:

                            And I found that korea style building material in the naver cafe line (because I already successful enter the stardew valley Korea forum forcefully hahaha) and many things like white path and bush fence.
                            The problem is, I didn't know Korea language at all, I can't use google translate carelessly, even I can post a reply to the maker to ask them.
                            I want to make content patcher for that file. So I confused for the copyright and I myself didn't understand to make content patcher. I just have the .xnb and .png file from them.
                            Does anyone have a solution? Should I make for myself? (that was too selfish, I know some of you want that Korea building...). If, if you all suggest me to make myself, what should I write in manifest.json, I mean for unique id?
                            I am scared if I post that material in this forum, I didn't want to get the blame from the .xnb maker. If anyone wants that .xnb and wants to help me make the content patcher, I can message you.
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