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Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Starclaps, Feb 28, 2016.

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    My favorite parts in this game are when I run across props, bosses, machines, or decorations which use more micropixel art style. I think it'd be really cool if there were more of these as just regular mobs to really spice up the type of enemies. The boss fights do it well, and I keep thinking to the design of the Erchius mining drill after you beat the erchius boss. The detail is 'delicious' for lack of a better word. Whereas fighting regular planet mobs seems a bit like cellular games or facebook games. after awhile it's just too bland for too long.

    I will post some example pics here but want to preface the suggestion with this: I know the mob system is modular, but it could still work if you made the micropixel mobs use, say for example, a bipedal humanoid form. And just treat it like a corpse drawing (when you fold a piece of paper into 3 sections, and each person draws either head, body, or legs without seeing the other person's, and then you unfold it and laugh hysterically).

    Here's some pics just to get an idea of what I'm saying:

    I know it'd fit with the style because like I said before, the furniture, props, bosses (for the most part), and other things in the storyline and background art reflect this style well in the starbound way. It'd just be way cooler to have more of that.

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