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Discussion in 'Support' started by LordRayden, Aug 25, 2018.

  1. LordRayden

    LordRayden Void-Bound Voyager

    Hey there,

    I found several threads to this topic, most of them were posted after the release of the current switch patch (version 1.2.36) around the end of 2017. I didn’t find any feedback to this topic though. I started my experience with version 1.2.36, so the problem was always present for me.

    From time to time a subtle micro sutter occurs, freezing the visuals and audio for a brief moment. This is mostly annoying, when you want to hit a specific tile and miss because of it, for example while planting seeds or fruit tree saplings. It can also be very distracting while fishing.

    Here is a video for better understanding:

    (This video was made with the official 15 seconds recording feature of the switch)

    Is this a known issue and will it be fixed in the future?
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    • Patolord

      Patolord Intergalactic Tourist

      It happens with me as well, weird lag :/
      • RowlBrandywine

        RowlBrandywine Yeah, You!

        This happens to me on the PC version as well. If I start playing after a PC reboot I am fine, but if I exit the game and start it again without a reboot the problem comes back. Makes fishing very difficult.
        • plmgrno

          plmgrno Lucky Number 13

          Same thing happens for me on switch. Can anyone please conform?
          • Gandalor 75

            Gandalor 75 Space Hobo

            I am getting this as well on my Switch. It has been the hardest part of catching any of the ore difficult fish. I basically have to guess where my fishing bar and the fish need to go sometimes. It is rather annoying.

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