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    Metro Prospekt
    "To Scavenge The Wasteland's Hell"
    We, the people of Metro Prospekt are a simple people. We are a funded orginzation to scavenge and recover items from around varius locations. Spanning to abandoned mines to forgotten battlefields. The people of Metro Prospekt support and aid all kinds of people.
    History of Metro Prospekt
    The finding of Metro Prospekt is simple minded and not the most complex. The founder was Asimov Chertok.
    He was from Russian counterparts. He was from a wealthy family of stock owners. This is how Metro Prospekt is currently funded. Asimov Chertok is the only remaining bloodline of the family. The other members of the family died from a fire in their house, which Asimov Chertok wasn't there as he was on a buisness trip. As he arrived back, he saw his house and family perished. He eventually started scavenging and found the family's safe, which he used the money inside to erect his company, Metro Prospekt.
    Services of Metro Prospekt
    So, the people of Metro Prospekt do not give products, but we do have services. As a scavenging and recovering group, this is one of our services. We will scavenge and recover any points of the universe. Doesn't matter if it's a dangerous location or a peaceful area, we will scavenge until our work is done. We have two payment options.
    First Option - Payment by Pixels ( Different Amounts )
    Second Option - We will have a percentage share. ( This can be adjusted for your liking. )
    For having two payment options will give you an advantage and satisfaction. So, the First option has different amounts as stated above. We will go into further detail on both. As we have different variations of our range and expansion. Both will have the same variations on range and expansion just the difference of Pixel payment and percentage share.
    Payment by Pixels
    So there is the first payment option. So this is Metro Prospekt's part. Metro Prospekt makes up the prices here not the customer. So, there are several things we will do. The first option is an Area Routine search. We will search a small portion of the planet's surface for 500 Pixels. The second option is Whole World Routine. Which we will scavenge and recover items through the whole planet's surface several times for 1,500 Pixels. This will provide a definite finding's of items as the 500 Pixel deal doesn't guarantee findings of items. The best package is Whole Surface & Underground Routine which is 2,250 Pixels. Meaning we will guarentee findings on the surface and the deep underground releaving the stress you might of handled! This is the payment by Pixels.
    Percentage Share
    So, this is the second option. You do not have to pay anything but we get a percentage share of the items found. Meaning if we find about 37 items we will ask for a 40% share. For this is just an example percentage agreement. We the people of Metro Prospekt know's about your feelings so we will allow you to choose first of the items scavenged. For as the Pixel payment option this is not the same. As there are three different Routines there is a set limit on percentages. The Area Routine's lowest percentage take is 20%. The Whole World Routine is 35%. Then the last Whole Surface & Underground Rountine is 40%. The rest of the items that we get from the Percentage Share will be smelted down for finer materials.
    Metro Prospekt Regulations
    We do have regulations and rules, which isn't a vast amount to say. Metro Prospekt wishes for a friendly enviorment for all our customers to have the best outlook on us. There is only three regulations that Metro Prospekt has. So respect and read them for maximum happiness.
    Regulation 1 - We do not tolerate customers which send us into an already scavenged locations from other people and/or companies.
    Regulation 2 - Do not send us into unhatiable planets. We do not want to waste our time and money to go to a planet with no sign of life and civilzation.
    Regulation 3 - It is preffered to have a clean record from crimes. We will still do your request with people with criminal records but we will have suspicisons up.
    Metro Prospekt Work Positions
    So, we do need workers in Metro Prospekt, as we do not have a vast amount of workers at the moment. We do pay our works in two ways. We will pay them 500 pixels per job completed or we will give them living quarters and food for the exchange for their services. We have several jobs we will need filled in, so if you are interested please apply for any of them as Metro Prospekt will need to grow. There is also extra payment from the job you are in.
    Metro Prospekt Scavenger
    Description - This Metro Prospekt Worker will scavenge for any items and will report to the head superior of the operation.
    Payment - 250 Pixels Per Item Found
    Metro Prospekt Defender
    Description - This Metro Prospekt Worker will protect our workers on their job as clearly there will be several threats on the planet's surface.
    Payment - 300 Pixels At The End Of The Job.
    Metro Prospekt Diplomat
    Description - Clearly people will be angered as we are on their planet, so that is why we have Prospekt Diplomats to arrange peaceful work area.
    Payment - 500 Pixels If It Works Out With No Problems
    These are the three jobs Metro Prospekt has to offer at the moment. As our work force increases more jobs will be made for the orginzation of the people. We have several works at the moment but not enough to have efficent buisness. We will be also trying to work out agreements with other Industries to increase profit and be a more friendly buisness. This is, Metro Prospekt. On the side note, I will update this to a more suitable place.
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    Greetings Metro Prospect

    We have received your message, and we have looked into the services of your company. We understand that you scavenge items and materials, and we therefore see a mutual beneficial business agreement.

    Here at Apex Munitions, we are in need of materials to use in production. Even though our mines produce metal, we can always use some extra.
    Meanwhile, you are in need of our products - The universe is a dangerous place, and you’ll need top quality guns to accompany you while scavenging. If you are willing to supply us with materials, we’ll gladly supply your company with weapons.

    If you are interested, feel free to contact us again

    - -Apex Munitions

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