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    I've seen a couple of people ask how to work with entity messages, so I wrote some documentation over on GitHub.

    Short description of what message handlers are:
    Message handlers allow entities to receive messages, either from the same client or a remote client (other player/server), and act upon them. This allows us to various of interesting things, such as interacting with the server through stagehand messages or changing the behaviour of monsters dynamically.

    The Wiki covers topics such as:
    • How to send an entity message.
    • How to handle the response of a message handler.
    • How to handle messages and respond.
    • How to use provided utilities such as the Promise Keeper.
    Wiki: https://github.com/Silverfeelin/Starbound-MessageHandling-Demo/wiki
    Demo project (mod): https://github.com/Silverfeelin/Starbound-MessageHandling-Demo

    Suggestions are welcome!
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    Thank you!

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