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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Yavor, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. Yavor

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    Hello there,
    I want to ask if there is a way to place Mercival in a custom map, which I create? Right now I can choose only from the official 12 characters, and I was wondering is he unlockable? Or are we just not supposed to play with him? (which would be not as cool)
    I just wanted to test out his awesome fishing ability. It has quicly became my favorite groove, ever since I learned about it from the official wiki. :) :) :) (I hope I get a squid)

    Thank You, and have a great day!
    • Captain_Revan

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      I'm curious if the unlockable co's can be in the custom campaigns too.
      • serlancelot

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        I believe someone actually made a few custom maps for the sole purpose of Mercival going fishing.

        Yep, here y'alls go!

        There are 18 fish codex in the game. They are unlocked by using the “Gone Fishing” groove from Mercival on a water tile (river, ocean, reef, or shore). The 18th fish is the star fish, and it unlocks the final star required for the 200 stars achievement. Because fishing is random, you get repeats, and his groove charges slowly, I made 3 maps to help you catch all the fish faster.

        Here are the code for the 3 fishing maps:
        Grass Biome: XVA7DF2Y
        Desert Biome: TX6V4S8S
        Ice Biome: 347Y5DM9

        I'm going to provide the link, as well, but I warn you, it's full of spoilers.

        • Captain_Revan

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          thanks a lot! i beat the first boss last nite and figured it out too but its nice to see confirmation about the other two. i only got 69 stars at this point tho so itll be a while before i get the others haha.

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