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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by PaladinOfHere, Apr 3, 2016.

  1. PaladinOfHere

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    A probably difficult request...I'm no game designer, so it might not even be feasible, but...

    One of the key features of this game is becoming a friend of the people who live in Stardew Valley. Except this game treats you like a "Hero" or "Protagonist", not a "person".

    People only talk to you if you talk first. Only you give people gifts. Only you can resolve issues in the town. No one initiates conversation with you on a normal day. No one gives you gifts. You can't post things you need done on the job board.

    No one actually tries to get to know you. It disconnects, well me at least, from the game, and wanting to be an active part of Pelican Town.

    Heck, if there was even just ONE villager, romance-able or not, that tried to get to know you, give you the occasional gift, etc, it'd be a lot more immersive.

    Of course, the more villagers that were like that, to varying degrees (from never visiting you to stalker levels) would help immensely

    But it's just a suggestion, from a player.
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    • Caudyr

      Caudyr Black Hole Surfer

      Well, once you get their hearts up beyond a certain level, they'll start sending you recipes and gifts/money/etc. The kind of stuff they send depends on the character.

      It'd be great if they'd come for a visit and be there when you come outside of your house, start up conversations (even if it's just like they do to each other and go "Hello, PLAYERNAME_0987!" and stuff like that.

      I'm not sure about us being able to put up job postings, though. I'd rather not see that, tbh...but...the rest of it that isn't already a part of the game...sure!

      Especially the NPCs talking to you. ESPECIALLY your romance-able characters. I want them to come up to you and start up conversations, not force you to initiate them every time! :D
      • PaladinOfHere

        PaladinOfHere Seal Broken

        I didn't know that...either I don't have their hearts up enough, or they just don't want me to have gifts.

        I just want people to say "Hi" to me gosh darnit
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        • Iffydust

          Iffydust Starship Captain

          Robin says hi sometimes when you enter her house/store :)
          But yea it would be nice if the people you are buddies with would atleast stop and say hi when they see you, instead of ignore you when they pass by
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          • uberlobster

            uberlobster Void-Bound Voyager

            Or better yet, they'll say hi to each other but not you. AFTER coming out of the same building.
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            • Caudyr

              Caudyr Black Hole Surfer

              Heh, yeah. That would definitely be nice.

              As for Robin, couldn't that just be her "welcoming you to her store"? I think Gus does a similar thing...and Pierre might as well. It's hard to say with Pierre cause he's just a bit off the top of the screen even at max (vanilla) zoom. ^^
              Haha yeah, I'm always like: ...what the heck, you say hi to THEM but not ME?!

              It's even worse when you're dating them. =x
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              • PaladinOfHere

                PaladinOfHere Seal Broken

                I have so many ideas for this "Member of the Community" thing...from a friendliness meter, to new NPCs, to the job board, to receiving gifts, and increasing hearts by receiving said gifts...

                I could write a short novel on it. If I knew the second thing about Game Development, I'd mod it so poor CA wouldn't have to...but unless CA is interested in my personal and particular ideas, I don't really see any point in posting them. I'm sure he has something like this planned already.

                Ugh but now I'm rambling...keep up the good work CA.

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