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Megalag at a certain place on my planet

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by HACHE2MORT, May 5, 2018.


    HACHE2MORT Void-Bound Voyager

    I don't know where I have to post this, so I post this here, because I think it's not a issue developpers can correct, it's not in mods, because I don't know if it's them that makes that.
    Because yes I've a lot of mods, useless to says it's because i've too much, because it's only on a certain place.
    This place : [​IMG]
    So as you can see there a lot of things on this passage, I can say also than underneath the field generator, far away, there farm with oreplants and gardenbots, but when I approach, no more lag, (then i've to lag more by logic).
    Just above the secret gates they were a keypadd from nyatech. And just above again, they were a lot's of glitch torch plants (from oreplants also) : removed, it's don't that also.
    And i've tester i've another fields of oreplants on the rights, less sure, but i don't lag also.

    So now after removed a lot's of things, destroyed all my fuckin' furnitures, I'm continue to asking myself about this big lag, oh and yeah it's happen more frequently when i passed with an highspeed.

    So can you answer me and say what it's the problem of this lag ?
    Thanks by advance ^^

    HACHE2MORT Void-Bound Voyager

    Scuse me, i've found you can delete this subject, there no interest after all ... :D

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