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Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Unendingfear, Apr 24, 2013.


Should it be added to the game?

  1. Yes please

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  2. With Improvements

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  3. No way

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  1. Unendingfear

    Unendingfear Cosmic Narwhal

    I'm curious, why do you think it's lacking in depth?
    I'd love to hear any ideas you might have on how to make it less shallow. :]
  2. Sure thing!
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  3. Unendingfear

    Unendingfear Cosmic Narwhal

    Awesome, you have my thanks. :]
  4. Seiga

    Seiga Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Ayooo, nice. I was thinking about a slime-ish race at some point but I wasn't sure how to put a nice spin on it. Oil works! DRAWTIME??

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  5. Unendingfear

    Unendingfear Cosmic Narwhal

    The bubbles coming from the pipe are a really nice touch.
    Is it okay for me to include in the original post?
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  6. JackOfAllTrades

    JackOfAllTrades Cosmic Narwhal

    A nice, well thought-out idea. I think we could use another non-organic race, although personally I'm more partial to the idea of something along the lines of a solid, rock-like race over a liquid oil/slimy race. Still, it does fill in both the gangster and the cyclops niche we currently have.
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  7. china

    china Aquatic Astronaut

    I kind of imagine their consistency to be of a sort of non-Newtonian fluid, as if pressure is what's keeping them in the shape they are in.
  8. Meh, I suppose as far as slime races go, this one is the best.

    Still, I'm not a huge fan. The customization options for these would seem fairly limited, and I don't feel the slightest urge to play as an oil blob.
    I never liked gangster culture to begin with, or cyclops either, for that matter.

    The backstory is good, the race design in general is just unappealing to me.
    I don't know how I would make it better, though. Sorry.
  9. Unendingfear

    Unendingfear Cosmic Narwhal

    Thanks for the input. :]

    Well, I think they could have quite a few customizations options. They're fairly malleable in nature. Different eye colors could exist (see examples posted throughout the thread), and perhaps different eye styles. Hair styles could be all quite different in nature.

    No need to be sorry. Thanks.
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  10. fetalstar

    fetalstar 404 Artist Not Found Developer

    Go ahead! c:
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  11. Unendingfear

    Unendingfear Cosmic Narwhal

    Yay, thanks muchly.
  12. Seiga

    Seiga Scruffy Nerf-Herder

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  13. Unendingfear

    Unendingfear Cosmic Narwhal

    Thank you. :)
  14. Bueno

    Bueno Star Wrangler

    A little work on the pix part of it and it would be pretty good. nice work......:badger:
  15. Unendingfear

    Unendingfear Cosmic Narwhal

    Pixel work is by a volunteer. :)
    While I wish I could commission a professional pixel artist or something, they're high quality enough for now.
  16. Bueno

    Bueno Star Wrangler

    all it needs
    all that bugs me is the eye. i know its hard to get right. But if this got in the game, i might play as this first. they need to do a contest for making a race-:badger:
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  17. Motie

    Motie Big Damn Hero

    It's nice to see some more 1880-1930's influenced races.
    When I made mine a while back I actually made it completely grayscale, although I made their natural environment more colourful than a 2 year old's bedroom, for irony's sake. I guess it suffers from the same complaint that darthkitten had in its lack of customisability, though I can't say it didn't have character.

    Personally I don't like the cyclops look, its oddly unappealing, though the oiliness makes complete sense.
    "50s gangster" doesnt really represent it, its more like "50s media representation of 20s gangster"
    Fun fact of the 20's: people actually wore very colourful suits, and men wearing pink suits was common. The fact that everything recorded up to the 50's was black and white (or sepia) led to an unintentional misconception of their fashion style.
  18. Unendingfear

    Unendingfear Cosmic Narwhal

    Well, again, I must defend, there's a lot of room here for customizability. Their very nature lends itself to that. However, duly noted.

    Well, cowboys didn't really wear cowboy hats either, but we've come to accept those as part of the trope. :) It's just the way it goes, sometimes.
  19. Arrem

    Arrem Subatomic Cosmonaut

    So far this is my favorite custom race I've seen. I really love the pure style they bring.
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  20. BigEaredKittens

    BigEaredKittens Master Astronaut

    Hope my contribution is of some use to you~
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