Race Meet the Novakid

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Bietol, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Aavri

    Aavri Title Not Found

    I would like to thank Ayumi for clothing my novakid :3 *REALLY LATE ON THE THANKS*
  2. Oh yea I remember seeing those before. And yea, the lack of coloring in the brand in the variations pic is the reason to what made me wonder if you decided to scrap colored brands.
  3. Crystan

    Crystan Maverick Hunter

    What about Novacats? I want a Novacat as a pet! :3
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  4. I KNEW THIS!!!:V
    (um..sorry for off-topic)
  5. Qader

    Qader Void-Bound Voyager

    Hooray for the Neon Cowboys!!! I'd like a glowy glowy glow-worm race :3 Seriously... it's cool!
  6. Argthrond

    Argthrond Oxygen Tank

    Loved the idea!
  7. Kalvuric

    Kalvuric Big Damn Hero

    This thread has become a perfect example of "The More You Know" for me. I learned stuffs. :3
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  8. Tojo

    Tojo Existential Complex

    Hey Bietol did you hear. The NovaKids are a stretch goal for SB, Congratz
  9. I would imagine they would have contacted him first. :rofl:
  10. Tojo

    Tojo Existential Complex

    Well to be honest there was a group of people who already knew the Novakids were already going in, myself included.
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  11. Wait what??? When did this happen, Tojo?

    EDIT: Nevermind, found this. That's pretty amazing, Bietol, you're the first person to make a suggestion that will actually be implemented! (from what I've seen)
  12. Cynical_Wolf

    Cynical_Wolf Big Damn Hero

    Lol... It probably will at the rate the pre-orders are selling at. Oh yeah, almost forgot congratz Bietol.
  13. Yesssssers
  14. Nesden

    Nesden Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Congrats Bietol!! :D
  15. Tea Mate

    Tea Mate Existential Complex

    Yes. Have been waiting for a jellyfish-race for ages. And this one seems particularly interesting as well. If it was a playable race, I would pick it without a doubt.
    Another thing I really like is how the thread explains most of the interesting things/things you might want to know about the race, and yet isn't stretched out to the point where it becomes slightly bothersome to read. The presentation of the race is just right - not too long or short, well proportioned and interesting. That combined with a great initial idea means that it has a lot of potential.
  16. Awesome idea Bietol, and congratulations! All I can think about is "Are you serious?" :giggle:
  17. Saber Cherry

    Saber Cherry Big Damn Hero

    Congrats =)
  18. SamuriFerret

    SamuriFerret Tallest Artist Developer

    This just goes to show that sometimes putting effort into fan creations goes further than you might expect! Congrats to all involved!
  19. vlamer12

    vlamer12 Big Damn Hero

    Gratz on getting a chance to get in the game man ;)
    Even though I bet when suika learns about this he/she will be sad :(


  20. Tojo

    Tojo Existential Complex

    Suika had a part in the creation, both are being credited for the addition.

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