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    Read me
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    SO novakids....cool name xD
    yup... personally I like both the novakids and and the Anodynes. but I prefer the ladder :3

    ALSO would love to see some weapon and armor examples...
  3. Thank you for your feedback Sousuke; it has been duly noted.

    I am not going to be changing their name at this time, but in response to your arguments, I will at least grant them their own scientific non-slang name for which to reference themselves:

    Substringunt Asinaria
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    I really laughed at that.
  5. MoonyJello

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    Oh shit I laughed so hard

    Substringunt Asinaria = Tight asses
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    Fff. Can't decide whether I like these guys or the Anodynes better. I think I'm leanin' towards the Novakids though. Love the Western inspired lore. Plus their outfits and weapons remind me of Wild ARMs, and that's one of my fave RPG series ever.
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    okay i get it everyone is over the name change topic but just quickly, the novakid are a cowboy race I highly doubt they would give a crap bout your fancy big science words words, also i think it would be a cool idea if you find two different novakid colonies that they pronounce their native words slightly different, because of the lack of any recordings or writings their spelling would slowly change so for example say they have a special alcoholic beverage called ummmm... sunspear (shush i made it up on the spot) some would pronounce it obviously sunspear but they could also call it E.G. subspear, sunspar, sunseer ETC. as people would mishear it or translate it wrong onto paper, the same could be done with the actual species name (as no-one would write dear diary i, Greg the novakid ....... as they are relatively unaware of other species so their name would hardly ever be spoken any way)
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  8. Think of it as American History. African American, or I'm sorry for those who get offended, N-word? Considering their lack of history, writing, and "short term memory loss", they'll likely forget people calling them Novakids, and the word will likely never spread any further than the small community that specific novakid who got called a novakid heard it. In fact, they'd probably call themselves different things, and will call other novakids different things.

    Likewise, that's really no different than the novakids literally being Nova Kids. Considering we don't know their history, it's possible.

    That's not the point though. Tightarse was never the word in dispute here; it's Novakid. In other worse, you CAN place Floran and Avians' definitions on UD on the same level as Nova Kid's definition on UD. They're both hardly well-known, and I'm pretty sure the amount of people who use the slang won't be higher than 1000. How they refer to themselves as is completely irrelevant in this part, because what does that have to do with definitions on UD? That fits in the first paragraph.
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    Its weird that in my language, Nova means New.

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    I prefer ladders also. Very convenient for getting to high places. :D

    To stay on topics here, I think this is a very cool race that I'd love to see. Nova Kid's a fine name.
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    Dang, that is awesome! Anything western is just great by my standards.
    Really hope these get patched at some point!
  12. Sousuke Kuroda

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    Honestly I was arguing for the sake of arguing (Although I do maintain that I think Novakid is a silly general name for a species.). I wasn't expecting the name of the race to change, nor does it particularly matter.

    But unfortunately there's no longer an argument to be made as people are focusing less on providing a rebuttal and more on debating on what possible reason I could have to continue arguing. (Don't get me wrong, I don't think its bad that you did this, it just means I don't get to enjoy an argument anymore). So I'll be off.
  13. I've seen you start unnecessary debates in multiple threads, now. You sure do like to cause a fuss.
  14. Sousuke Kuroda

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    No not really, I like to play the devils advocate, I provide a point of view that not everyone agrees with and argue in favor of it. It generally leads people to actually think about an idea. Its not so much causing a fuss as it is having a discussion with someone.
  15. But there is a line where you start to just insist on your point, ignoring all the reasonings given and just wasting time.
    I did argue before for the reasons why novakid might be odd, but I don't mind it myself. Others calling them novakids makes sense, as they glow and otherwise bring to mind aspects of a sun (I'm sure they have observed more than one novakid when they decided on the name- unlike the gasblobs, humans and others have more permanent records of what they find.)

    I'd personally imagine them just telling you their name rather than their species, in the style of "What the hell are you" "I'M RTSSZK THE ANGLED" or something like that.
    What they call themselves is somewhat irrelevant, since like humans, they probably have a lot of different names and languages. (human, ihminen, människa, emberi...)
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  16. I'm going to try to avoid this argument now e_e it doesn't seem to be going the right way

    But anyway, I have one question. How will you go about with the color? Like, will they be purely monochromatic? For example, Anodynes skin color, starpiece color, and core color can be changed.

    Also I forgot to post this here because <3 Novakids as much as I <3 my Anodynes

  17. Oh yeah! Let me quote that in the OP.

    As for color, I believe I only had two variables: skin and brand. Unfortunately in all my sketches, the brands ended up as a dark iron color, but I have this old sketch where the brands got more colorful:

    and while I'm at it, here's the first sketch of the Novakid back when I was considering making it actually the same race as fetalstar's Starkid, and shows some pink impurities in the plasma reminiscent of the Anodynes' starpieces:
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    I like the one with a star on its face, if that were on a pure white Novakid with a long pony tail that'ed be what I play.

    On another note, do you pick the symbols on their face at random or only specific things?
  19. They were kind of random, though sometimes I'd pick known symbols (like basic shapes, greek letters, or spades & clubs)
    The theory behind branding their face is to kind of provide an abstract personality to them.

    Take these masks, for example:
    they are hardly expressions, but you could look at each one and from the shape of their visors feel they have unique personalities (cool, aggressive, stoic, hot-headed, etc.).
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    Right in the childhood.

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