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    I know this is technically the wrong of the two threads to post this, but how exactly are the Novakid being added a mix between these Novakid and the Anodyne? I see absolutely nothing of the Anodynes in their appearance, personality, or culture.
    Avian Book "The Progenitors":
    This is just speculation, but I have a strange feeling this is referring to the Anodynes or some equivalent. Novakid seem... Unlikely, as their collective attention span would never be enough for them to stay and watch-over an entire species, even if it is as gods. It also mentions that after a long time, they died out. Novakid, we know, are going to be a playable race - not very dead, to say the least. It makes me wonder if the Anodynes are going to be implemented as a seperate race, perhaps a NPC race or just referenced a lot in lore-entries. As it stands, speculation, but since the Novakid seem to be entirely Novakid, maybe the Anodyne will be seperate. Of course, this is Beta Stage 1, so there's plenty of time for the Novakid backstory to be changed completely multiple times, which is also a possibility. [/speculative_rant]
  2. The major difference is that Anodynian culture is modeled after ancient Greco-Roman culture. It may be assumed that Novakid culture was once this way. What I'm hoping is that ancient Novakid dungeons will look all roman and stuff.
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    Perhaps the Anodynes were some kind of precursor to Novakid, or they were the race's version of the Renaissance.
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    I think the description for Novakid stated they distill and imbibe nebulae. Perhaps they're a race of alcoholics? Thus, their race's recipes on the cooking table have to be some form of alcohol.
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    Maybe the Anodynes were just a "civilization" of Novakids that managed to last longer than the norm.
    Unless the info that Bietol made with them didn't get adopted as well, which doesn't make sense.
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    one could say that they were a race that DIDN'T last as long, since new civilizations of Novakid start out in the stone age basically, then eventually progress to the technological norm (wild west) of the Novakid. Maybe the Anodynes got wiped out in their Grecian/Roman generations. Maybe a special mutation that took the certain type of Novakid much longer to progress? Since most of the Novakid take 10 or so generations to be at the same level of technology as any other Novakid.
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    IDEA: the Anodyne thingy peoples could be a subculture/subspecies of the Novakid, that could put some more interesting content into the lore. I mean 'cmon how cool are space cowboys, with two sub versions its even better (most likely unless i'm being an idiot again). Or they could be rivals too, hmm ideas are hurting my brain ima stop now. :D
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    What's a novakid's lifespan???
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    Nice question, i would guess pretty long because of what they are made of. They don't seem to have any reason to die of old age so i think they might just survive untill they get themselves killed due to their ADD and forgetful nature... o_O But wtf do i know this wasn't my idea. ;)
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    i only just now realized that johnsu did the novakid image. i've been following him on dA for YEARS and never noticed (his stuff is great by the waym check it out if you get the chance.).
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    I think he said they live about as long as humans.
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    Yeah this kinda hints that they can die of natural (old age) causes.
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    As does this:
  14. Bietol is Johnsu.
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    you've blown my mind
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    Who's to say it was a long time? Who's to say there weren't a group of Novakids who decided it'd be fun to ascend a race of bird people and th- ooh, a shiny!
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    Man... I wish I could jump through time so I could get to the Novakid release...
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    man know what you mean, i hate waiting. And once they are released, thats the only races ill be playing as
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