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    I love the artfully appropriate diagram that you stole from a biology lesson made!
  2. Heartstrings

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    The second corona, the green one, reminds me of Pinkie Pie.
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    Also...Wouldn't food just vaporize when it gets inside them,because they're out of gas.
  4. Shadow|

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    Well... Plasma. Well... Superheated plasma. Well... Superheated plasma, gas and other stuff.

    But no. If Novakids were bags of gas, then whatever they consumed would (if more dense than said gaseous whatever, which is very likely) just drop down to their feet. It'd be like filling a person shaped stocking. with food. That is slowly becoming more cooked and irradiated.
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    Achievement get! Make a Pokemon reference !:megusta:
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    That comic is friggen hilarious!
  7. Ado

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    What would happen if a novakid drunk liquid nitrogen.
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  8. His face would collapse and then he would die and at his funeral his widow would be weeping and wailing and confused as to why he'd do such a dangerous and bizarre thing.

    But we would know why.
  9. MastaDono

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    If a Novakid gets shot and an entire limb is left (like in the topmost picture) will it regenerate since the brend isn't broken?
  10. Usually. The brand does suffer feedback proportional to the damage done to any part of the body though, so it's possible to indirectly wreck a portion of the brand and cause permanent scarring/disfigurement.
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  11. TTCBuilder

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    Wait, if they lost mass, wouldn't they just convert energy(heat) to mass to regenerate the damage
    and later on consume more mass to account for the heat?
    Then the problem would be either losing all mass at once or cooling until the Novakid falls apart from attempting to heal the damage.
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    the reason these guys got in opsed to any others is because they have a culture unlike most other race sugestions there western folk just like avian are tribal, glitch is medievil, apex are like an empire, floran are savages and hylotle are oreantle. sorry for my bad spelling im not a walking dictonary. hopefully they will add more and more races as the updates come out! then there will be more to choose from and we will get the best of bouth arguments
  13. Not in response to any recent posts in particular, but because I see this notion here and there where Novakid appear to have brains like crows & goldfish.

    I really intended for them to be more like Leonardo da Vincis in the sense that:
    • he was a brilliant guy, but
    • he often didn't finish things because his interest in the project would wane after time
      • not because he saw something shiny, or forgot what he was doing
      • he also had too many things that he wanted to do
    and then, unlike da Vinci, the Novakid:
    • live in the now, with little care for learning from or preserving the past
      • imagine if da Vinci didn't keep a journal
      • imagine also if da Vinci didn't like to read books (maybe he really didn't, I don't know)
    • are non perfectionists; they can settle for "good enough"
    Here's an example of how technology propagates for them in light of these traits:
    • a novakid sees a floran space ship in action and is inspired
    • he sets out to make on his own, trying to reverse engineer what he can from what he saw in his memory
    • this is not actually something you reverse engineer from sight, but somehow he manages a very crude makeshift space ship
      • he's satisfied; he's spent enough time on this machine and it does what he wants it to
    • his kid sees this work and thinks "cool, me too!"
    • he doesn't ask his dad how he did it, though.
      • Even if he did, his dad would not want to explain it - it's like asking "How do I program a Starbound?"
      • And even if his dad did explain, Junior would not be able to sit through more than an hour of it. He'd rather be working with his hands than listening to theory.
    • instead, he does the same thing his dad did: trying to reverse engineer it
    • however, since his dad's space ship is much simpler and readily accessible, Junior is able to complete his version much sooner
      • before Junior becomes bored/satisfied and stops, he throws in a couple improvements of his own
    • Junior's kid also sees this work and thinks "cool, me too!"
    • the next generation of space ship comes out even more refined and improved
      • however, this space ship takes a little longer to develop since NovaShip II is a little more complex to understand than NovaShip I
      • there are fewer improvements this time around, since it took longer to "catch up," and the engineer wants to do other things
    • this continues until the time spent trying to understand the old tech does not leave enough time to introduce new tech, and the general complexity of the ship reaches a standstill
  14. Heartstrings

    Heartstrings Giant Laser Beams

    That's really quite cool, and explains a lot.
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  15. TheHalfBit

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    What if when it's cooked, it's dissolved by the superheated plasma and absorbed into the shell, with the nutrients used to create more plasma? That would explain how they would regenerate "skin" and heal cuts, as well as replenish any gas that's vented.
  16. pankakeman

    pankakeman Starship Captain

    I haven't read all the comments, so I don't know if this is suggested or not (27 Pages is just a tad much) But there are a few flaws, even though incredibly respected by me.

    One is the speaking of a Novakid, if they have no face, the speaking must revolve around something like, colour changes within the gases of their body, right? For instance, a Glitch character's eye's flicker between colours whilst talking, so I was perhaps thinking if there was any way for a Novakid to do that too, it would be through colour of their gas body.

    Another thing is the colour ageing. If the colours at the start of a Novakids life are generally light, then there's less versatility within the choosing of the characters lookalike, unless you chose it to be an 80 year old red blob. I suppose there would be other customisations but I personally would like to have a Purple Novakid and still be able to look 20.

    Other than that, extremely well done. I favour this race over most, and I personally think such a backstory would actually be a good book. Going about your life as a Novakid, alone, unafraid, willing to risk it all as the outlandish and over charismatic (Gasslion? What would you call a being made of gas?) you are. Would be quite a read, heheh.
  17. This was a pretty cool explanation. Thumbs up. I enjoyed reading that, and it definitely helps understand the Novakid.
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  18. On Speaking:
    (follow quote for more detailed answer)

    On Aging:
    Think of their hue as being analogous to human hair, which starts off generally rich in color (with some exceptions), but becomes grey/white over time.
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  19. pankakeman

    pankakeman Starship Captain

    Hmm, I'm not too sure, as the hair is an extension piece that goes with your gas colour, or that's what I've seen from the art. The hair stays the same colour as the gas inside you.
  20. I'm not too sure of what you're not sure about. It sounds like somehow you thought I was talking about novakid hair.

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