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Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Bietol, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Crystan

    Crystan Maverick Hunter

    Since people liked my revolver, i made some additional weapon sprites:
  2. Pinholindo

    Pinholindo Void-Bound Voyager

    This is quite possibly the most awesome thing added into the game. and while it's not the main reason I preordered it's pretty high up on the list of reasons why I want this game. also while the Anodynes aren't being added into the game on release I'm pretty sure they will be added into the game with an update. did I mention that the Anodynes are awesome too... I guess I like star themed character designs a lot...
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  3. Omega Shadowcry

    Omega Shadowcry Cosmic Narwhal


    These look great! I can imagine a Novakid with a six-gun meeting a Novakid with a rifle...

    (Bonus points if you understand precisely what I'm referencing)
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  4. Malthazare

    Malthazare Phantasmal Quasar

    Congratz! Can't wait to see them in-game. :up:
  5. Hexcel

    Hexcel Master Chief

    Instant favorite "official" race!

    Hats off to all the people involved in creating them, and congrats for getting into the released game!
  6. HerpDerpy

    HerpDerpy Guest

    you should think about adding more onto it, even thought the race is already in.

    like possibly pets. i would LOVE a Novadog, Novacat, Novabird, etc.
  7. Omega Shadowcry

    Omega Shadowcry Cosmic Narwhal

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  8. Dispersion

    Dispersion Pangalactic Porcupine

    Surprised at how unactive this thread is.
    Here, have some fan art.

  9. skull037

    skull037 Void-Bound Voyager

    Not sure if anyone asked but but are the novakids going to be put in the beta char creator ?
  10. Unendingfear

    Unendingfear Cosmic Narwhal

    When somebody gets hired to make the sprites.
  11. Shadow Wolf TJC

    Shadow Wolf TJC Spaceman Spiff

    Anyone want to sprite a spaceship for the Novakids? I recently saw all the other races' spaceships, but didn't see any for the Novakids. I'd imagine that it'd be a flying locomotive, much like the one that we saw in the Novakids' concept art, with a western-style interior.
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  12. HerpDerpy

    HerpDerpy Guest

    I never liked the idea of a flying train. Just seems toataly impractical and pointless.
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  13. But...but...it's a MAN'S ROMANCE

    (space train @ 1:00 mark)
  14. HerpDerpy

    HerpDerpy Guest

    ok +1 to you.

    but after a little thought i think it could be ok, but I would need to see some sprites to convince myself.
  15. Ars Nova

    Ars Nova Void-Bound Voyager


    GIVEN MY USERNAME I KINDA FEEL LIKE THIS RACE WAS MADE FOR ME. Now I will have six Florans and a Novakid.

    Also those guns are gawjuss. Crossing my fingers for some or all of them being starting gear...
  16. Litagano Motscoud

    Litagano Motscoud Master Astronaut

    You drew that picture?

    Holy shit. That's...that's amazing.
  17. Nitrostine

    Nitrostine Orbital Explorer

    disinterest for history aside, these guys sound my kind of people.
    I'm making them my default race :D
  18. The Question

    The Question Ketchup Robot

  19. Eldritch

    Eldritch Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Just to clarify, these guys have a sort of skin, right? So if you touched one your hand wouldn't just pass through. They must because their clothes stay on, so yeah. I know their brand more or less forms a shell around the gas inside of them. I'm trying to get an idea of how thick their skin is, about an inch would make the most sense IMO, it'd be a sort of glass like shell, but more flexible.
  20. Felonious

    Felonious Existential Complex

    Or for that matter, they wouldn't vaporize your skin when you came in contact? I'm pretty sure their brand is supposed to provide a magnetic field that results in a skin-like tightness and form that protects others from their plasma, and allows them to wield weapons, wear clothing, drive vehicles, etc.
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