Race Meet the Novakid

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Bietol, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Kalvuric

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    I... this is.... :cry:

    This design is awesome. I want star people cowboys, these are so cool. :DD Only thing I can criticize atm is the sprites, Anodyne sprite looks alot better. Maybe it's because they're nekkid. :unsure: Need moar space cowboys though!
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  2. I think both sprites need some work, particularly with the head and hair.
    Also, the Anodyne sprite has too much gradient for Starbound.
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  3. harnackam

    harnackam Ketchup Robot

    Awesome. We definitely need a cowboy race.
  4. Yeah, I'll agree the Anodyne sprites are much more impressive.
    I was very dissatisfied with myself when I drew these.
  5. GabirilosGR

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    pretty good work there :D
  6. I say the Novakid sprite suits Starbound a lot better than mine [because of my freak obsession with detail].

    Critique wise, I think the Novakid sprites need a more distinct shading. I can see the slight shading in some parts, but it's barely visible. Adding more to the color palette might not be a good idea, since Starbound style uses very little color.
  7. Crystan

    Crystan Maverick Hunter

    Cool suggestion! Indeed my first thought was "that looks like fetals starkid". ;)
  8. Aavri

    Aavri Title Not Found

    I support this idea! and the other one as well that suika did.
  9. Nirn

    Nirn Existential Complex

    awesome!, and how did u know i was going to make a western themed people?
  10. MoonyJello

    MoonyJello Existential Complex

    If these aren't a part of the game these must immediately be added in as a mod.

    These are just badass.

    Also as a good way to expand on this, you should consider writing lore book entries for the Log Book, similar to the Abridged History of the Avians that was released with the March Newsletter.

    It could be called 'A Complete History of the Novakid Society' or something along those lines.

    And this increases the badassness three-fold.

    To be honest I prefer this over the Anodynes.

    Can I take a shot at it?
  11. Not going to stop you, but lemme have another go at it before you start; I'm going to try something different this time.
  12. MoonyJello

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  13. Nirn

    Nirn Existential Complex

    May I make some fan art?
  14. be my guest!
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  15. Updated sprites:
    [​IMG] -> [​IMG]
    [​IMG] -> [​IMG]
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  16. KruczekIIV

    KruczekIIV Void-Bound Voyager

    <mechanical applause> CLAP CLAP CLAP.
    Wild West Gassy People, who could possibly dislike that idea? It is pretty stylish and fits Starbound very well. Doesn't matter how much of that is only your work Bietol, the whole thing combined looks awesome. Despite I am a robot, i think ive found my second race!
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  17. Nirn

    Nirn Existential Complex

    I am going to color this one up later, and probably do a follow up that's better, I kinda didn't have my mojo tonight.


    I wanted to avoid doing Glunaught related stuff, but then I started having.... ideas!

    and this one will just remain a sketch
  18. I have finally helped spawn an erotic doujinshi.
  19. Nirn

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  20. JackOfAllTrades

    JackOfAllTrades Cosmic Narwhal

    Welp, I don't think there's anything else for me to say other than... I love it. Really, really love it. I could easily see myself playing as one of these. :up:

    Make. It. Happen.

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