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    Space is big, so big we can't even start to imagine how big it is. But even so, people still wonder if our universe is all there is to be found. It's not. There are many dimensions out there, some inhabited, some not. One of these dimensions contains four forms of sentient life. One of them is known as the Nagath.

    "a life without an argument is a life not worth arguing for." A common Nagathean saying.

    So who's a Nagath?
    The Nagath are one of the four Species of a dimension that its inhabitants simply referred to as 'the world' or 'the endless void' (more about that here). The Nagath are tall in stature (around nine feet) and reptilian in form, with large, wedge shaped heads. out of their heads there are two long, thin horns. But enough about what a Nagath looks like. Who are they as a people? the Nagath are an ancient race, about twenty thousand years old. As such, they are highly advanced and work together with the other three species to build society. This agreement between the four species is known as the Unity of Species in their common language. The Unity of Species was formed around fifteen thousand years into their history. It follows a philosophy that revolves around survival and the pursuit of perfection. The Nagath were the tallest, most intelligent, and strongest of the four species. Because of this, they are at the top of the ruling order in the Unity of Species society.

    Nagathean Culture
    The Nagath are known to the others as a proud race that stows away their pride, believing it to be a sign of stupidity to show status through attitude. They are also known to have a bloodthirstiness that they never quite managed to get rid of since they progressed from being animals. Nagathean values are based off shrewdness, self control, and dominance. In the political system of the Unity of Species, one has to be smart and alert at all times to go on to greatness. There is almost never one ruler in particular over the Unity of Species, but many silently bickering individuals who somehow come to an agreement to create laws and establish order. In their society the most respected are the smartest and most cunning, not necessarily the strongest. Nagaths speak common language, a simplistic speech involving easy sounds for them to make being incorporated into basic speech. However, other beings find common language hard to learn, since the Nagath have very raspy, growling voices, unlike anything other species besides others in the Unity of Species have. Nagathean clothing is sparse, as a remembrance to the fact that they were once animals. However, the Unity of Species is incredibly advanced, and their individual's primitive looks can be deceiving.

    Oh boy, here we go. Get ready for a massive wall of text.
    The Worship of the Fifth Species
    The main religion of the Nagath and the Unity of Species as a whole is the worship of the fifth species. This religion was started long ago (as in thousands upon thousands of years ago). This religion revolves around the event that started the four specie's rise to sentience, twenty thousand years ago. Recorded history says that a spaceship of unknown origin, carrying a device that caused dimensional flux, crashed through dimensional space into Mon. It then drifted into the place where the four species resided (as animals). The four species found this spaceship, and their curiosity was sparked. From there the Unity of Species as it is today came into being. The worship of the fifth species is an honorary religion, honoring the unknown race that brought them out of being animals. It is rather passive, unlike the the Avian's worship of Kluex. Individuals, or the unworthy, as they are called, are only required to give a small offering of blood to the fifth species each year. this is done with a nano-edged knife in this day and age (so you don't actually feel it. Nobody likes feeling themselves being cut), and then three drops of blood are dripped into a stone basin. Besides that, a regular believer is required nothing else to honor the fifth species. but its more complex than that. there are three paths to go down. the religion described here is only one of them.

    Quav, or the Unholy Testimony
    this is dark! If you don't like dark stuff, skip this!
    This path of the worship of the fifth species is seldom even considered, much less taken seriously. It involves the idea of being 'worthy'. If you read what was above this, you would know that most believers of the fifth species are known as the 'unworthy'. The Unholy Testimony is the way out of being unworthy. Its ultimate goal is to become a god in the afterlife, or to reach greatness 'elsewhere' (the universal name for anywhere relating to the supernatural). To become worthy, one must become a cannibal, and eat the 'unworthy' to cleanse the body of all its unworthiness. It also requires mental journeys 'elsewhere'. How this happens, one can never know. Some get visions, others are said to disappear from existence. How this happens, and what is causing it to happen, nobody knows. Some say its the fifth species. Others say its an evil spirit. But nobody can really be sure. The most recent practitioner of the Unholy Testimony was a nagath named Euan. He was feared by all, but respected at the same time. To this day he is still remembered. Whether he is remembered with hate and disgust or with respect and reverence differs with the individual.

    Eum, or the silent penitence
    Eum is based around the idea of the imperfection of the individual. Many have considered the path of Eum, but most find it too big a step of faith for them. The path of silent penitence is much less violent and more about perfection through remembrance and fasting than of achieving worthiness through violence. The individual who decides to follow this path usually goes about their day doing their role in society, but on the side, they teach others who are aesthetic or follow another god about the fifth species, and tell them to right their wrongs. they believe that they do not deserve the luxury of sentience, and therefore rid themselves of much of their basic needs.

    Nagathean etiquette and fashion sense
    The Nagath social behavior is often calm and controlled. However, Nagaths are a bomb ready to explode. while at first they may seem extremely calm and unemotional, anyone who has been in the presence of a Nagath long enough will know that the Nagath are actually fun loving, outgoing creatures (at least around those who they are comfortable with). this side of them can also been seen when they get angry. their calm demeanor immediately turns to a more immature than you might expect.
    Nagath fashion often involves removing things from the body. Often an oxygen based Nagath plucks their ankle and wrist feathers for the sake of vanity. those who do not generally are thought to be 'weird' and are not considered as pretty as a Nagath who has plucked feathers. Other forms of vanity are small tattoos, earrings, and sharpened claws.

    The Nagath are silicon based lifeforms that breathe hydrogen. Oxygen could be found in their world, but it is used only as a fuel, since it is a poison to the four species. Nagathean skeletons contain lead, making Xrays impractical, and sound does not travel well, making ultrasound also impractical. Medicine is practiced by cutting open an unconscious subject and dealing with the illness directly through surgery or by implanted medicine. Originally (before they were engineered to be able to breathe oxygen), The Nagath had small ears that could barely pick up sound. because of this, their lungs are very large and able to store enough air to talk loud easily (at about the level of yelling. This wasn't fixed by the Apex, and they to this day are extremely loud, being an irritation to other species at times).

    DISCLAIMER: okay, here we go. Sorry to go all 'Bill Nye' on you, but this is a little hard to understand and might be a little awkward for you. So here it is anyway.

    The Nagath are a bit of an anomaly in this area. Though other races and the Nagath themselves call themselves as 'male' and 'female' , they really only have one gender, or are 'asexual'. There is, however, two variants of Nagath. A certain chromosome in the Nagathean genome governs a major part in the look, strength, and voice of the Nagath. One gene causes a slimmer and weaker body with a voice more resembling a female of other species, while the opposite gene causes a bulky, stronger body with a deeper voice that resembles a male. Practically speaking, there is no male or female Nagath. But figuratively speaking, there still is. Besides this, the Nagath do in fact still marry (with the opposite gender, of course. if they didn't, there would be no purpose in marriage) this is not due to a lack in the necessary genes to create a child, but the fact that while a Nagath still could have a child in its own, the child wouldn't have the benefit of multiple traits befitting both variations of the Nagath. The Unity of Species wants its citizens to be the best they can be, genetically and physically, and therefore makes having a spouse or groom a required rule.

    How they are significant (aka how they are in starbound in the first place)
    After a certain technological breakthrough, the end of the Unity of Species' seclusion was in play. Dimensional travel was made possible (though not commonplace, it took large amounts of energy), and our world was discovered. Disputes (as always) about what species and who was going to go and be the diplomat for these newly discovered races emerged, and eventually, after about six months of arguing, an ambassador was chosen. this ambassador was Ethern, a young male Nagath who was one of the many who had agreed and been accepted as a possible candidate for this job. he was sent to the first of the seven discovered oxygen-based races, the Hylotl. The Hylotl accepted Ethern with open arms, and after about two months in their presence, Ethern returned to the Unity of Species, with much information about this new universe. The Hylotl had encouraged the Nagath to send their species to establish civilization among the stars. The Nagath agreed to this, and sent out a large amount of Nagath to settle in this new land. But they were cut off from the other races due to atmospheric differences. The Apex then stepped up. they were excited to try their skills at genetic engineering to try and create a new breed of oxygen compatible Nagath. After many years of slow progress, the Apex managed to accomplish their goal. Interestingly, Avian DNA was the most compatible of all the others races with the Nagath. But their success came at a price. This new breed of Nagath was smaller and weaker than their hydrogen based counterparts, and had feathers growing on their wrists and ankles. This new breed of Nagath set out on a mission to explore the universe, one planet at a time.

    racial interaction

    racial outlook
    The Nagath are very proud, and consider themselves the prime race. Thus, they look down on other races (all besides the Hylotl), and consider them inferior beings. Along with that, they, as a rule, are incredibly loud, driving another wedge between other races. While most Nagaths are happy to meet other races, those 'other races' are not the most eager in the world to meet the Nagath. While the Nagath have picked up in this, they still socialize with other races often. To make matters worse, the Nagath are uproariously racist and most Nagath don't see why it's wrong. This has gotten them into trouble with almost all the other species at one point or another.

    economic interaction
    Having already almost perfected the 'brain stimulant', as the Nagath have called it, the Nagath have swept away the stim industry from the other races. However, the Nagath are infamous for creating the illigal kind as well (aka drugs), on a large scale, and selling them through the black market. Other industries they now control are the hydrogen industry. After a stable wormhole to Mon was established, mass importing became possible. Since Mon's air is 90% hydrogen, they were able to gather and refine much of it, and sell it to other races for fuel. This trading tycoon the Nagath run has given them a bad reputation as lying, backstabbing creatures. However, they are not. The Nagath simply know how to get attention and use that attention to their advantage.

    NPC to player conversation example: "good to meet you."
    The Nagath are rather controversial with the Apex. They are thankful for what the Apex have done for them, but at the same time do not morally approve of the Miniknog's abusive rule. they don't mention it to the Apex though.
    NPC to player conversation example: "so tell me...why are you so ignorant as to disown your god and your people?" *this is due to the player being Grounded.
    The Nagath like the Avians, and feel a kinship with them as they both have cultural and genetic similarities. An Avian that meets a Nagath often will converse and argue, a sign of friendship. The Nagath, however, despise the Grounded.
    NPC to player conversation example: "get out of here, foolish plant."
    The Nagath consider the Floran to be stupid and ignorant. This is because the Floran do not attempt to conceal their blood lust and have little to no self control.
    NPC to player conversation example: "A pleasure to see your kind. Will you stay for a bit?"
    The Nagath have a deep respect for the Hylotl. They see how the Hylotl have self control and spread their peace to the other races.
    NPC to player conversation example: "Are you self aware?"
    The Nagath rarely ever meet the Glitch, but when they do, they usually trade ideas, an act of interest but not of friendship.
    NPC to player conversation example: "I'm not talking to you."
    Humans do not appeal to the Nagath. They usually pass each other unnoticed when they do meet. The Nagath do not really know humans as a race and they do not have any interest to. This is mostly due to humans and Nagath having a major conflict over the stim industry.
    NPC to player conversation example: "think you're tough, buddy? why don't we see!"
    The Nagath never have really enjoyed the Novakid. Their carefree and friendly nature strikes the Nagath as weak and vulnerable. They attempt to 'toughen up' Novakids by trying to start an argument or a fight. It usually doesn't work out.
    NPC to player conversation example: "are you looking to cheat me or something?"
    The Nagath dislike the Leeven, due to them being almost the polar opposite of the Nagath's world view. Usually they avoid the Leeven, but when they do meet, they tend to ignore each other. Trading between the Nagath and the Leeven still has yet to happen.

    The Player
    if this race were added into the game, and a player choose this particular race, then these things would be different:
    racial story
    a Nagath's journey begins as a renegade from the main body of exploration. You have given up on the idea of the Unity of Species. You want freedom. As this 'renegade', you are known as an Outcaster, and are actively hunted. If a member of the Unity of Species fails to cooperate, then death will surely follow. Make sure you don't get homesick (I know that this is similar to the Apex storyline, and this may be subject to change).
    Your spacecraft will be a sleek, silver and black vessel with engine pods on small pylons connecting to the main body. You managed to get your standard issue exploration vessel to start up and got away from the Unity of Species outpost you were stationed at unscathed. Beware though, freedom comes at a cost.

    Nagathean food
    Nagaths are carnivorous, and eat mostly importated or genetically engineered food that is highly acidic and bitter. Having been accustomed to these flavors, Nagaths hate sweet flavors, as they are the polar opposite of the tastes that Nagaths have come to enjoy. The best example of Nagathean food that is found in our universe would be currentcorn. It is full of acid and perfectly attuned to Nagathean digestion. Other species find Nagathean food either horribly unpleasant or just plain dangerous. It is hard to find a restaurant in a regular village selling the acidic meat that Nagaths consume.

    Acidic meat
    an extremely acidic meat that has become a delicacy among the Nagathean species. Other species find it to be a strong poison. Other races say a good description of eating this meat is this: "A burning feeling starting at the back of the throat, slowly making its way to the nose. Your eyes water, and your nose runs as the fiery heat courses through your mouth." All but the most courageous eaters avoid it at all costs.

    Ugathean blood
    ugathean blood is a common drink for Nagaths. It is composed mainly of sulfur hydroxide, or the substance found in rotten eggs. Nagaths say it helps them control their blood lust. It is also known to be an intoxicant if over consumed. Other races avoid it. There is yet to be a recorded instance of another race attempting to drink Ugathean blood.

    Acid pods
    A meaty, acidic plant that the Nagath imported from Mon. It can be grown in any environment due to the plant itself not requiring any gases. However, the soil it is grown in must be rich in hydrogen. The pod itself is juicy and sour, like a more acidic version of currentcorn. To other races it is downright lethal, and will almost always kill any other race who eats it. To the Nagath, however, there is not a better dessert in the world.

    Solid ATP
    Anyone who's taken a course in biology and remembered the details probably knows what ATP is. If you don't, then here's what it is. ATP is energy, used to power the processes of living cells. Without ATP, there is no life. What the Unity of Species did was mass produce ATP and solidify it into a disgusting, tasteless grey paste. Solid ATP is often used for rations on the job. All Nagath hate the stuff with a passion. Other races share the same opinion. All besides the Floran. Once they got their hands on it, they couldn't get enough.

    Codex entries

    By Ethern, to be delivered to the Hylotl
    As the only ambassador to your kind from mine, I believe that I should probably tell you why our race shares a love for bickering, even if for no particular reason. Ironically, not even we know the complete reason. It just happens. Two Nagaths are talking, and then they just start to argue about something. The biological science division says that our habits might have something to do with our bloodthirstiness, but they aren't sure. They think it might be something else. I'm sorry that I couldn't answer your question, but the Nagathean brain is hard to research.

    By anonymous
    Mon. glorious, wide Mon. Our home and sanctuary. Our pride and our pain. We, as the Nagath, love our home. We live with the other species in our vast cities. All is as it should. At least that's what they say. But they are wrong.

    We are a disease to the other species. We are nothing but pestilence. We sit in the lap of luxury and rule while the other species labor to support us. The Unity of Species has gone astray. We segregate ourselves from the so called 'lower' races and refuse to believe what the truth is.

    We hunt the Outcasters because they are a threat, correct? yes, it is correct. Outcasters are violent and dangerous. But we also hunt them down because we are afraid that they will remind us that we are in the wrong. We are afraid that they will tell us that we are using the other species.

    I know that we're better than this! Our species is broken for a reason. We argue among ourselves to cloud our minds with things that grab our attention, so we don't see what's right in front of our faces.

    I see cruisers heading toward my vessel in the horizon. My time grows short. So I must go now.

    By Chris, a delivery man (species: human)
    What's wrong with these Nagaths?
    A family of them recently moved into our town. A wealthy family, since I was hired to deliver their food every day.

    The first thing I noticed about them was their clothing. They're dressed like savages (I hope an avian never gets their hand on this). Then I noticed their voices. They are so loud! I swear they keep me up at night with their shouting voices. And what they say! So racist! It makes me sick. They chew me out every day in those raspy voices about the humans being inferior species to them. When they aren't talking in a language I can understand, they talk in some growly language with which kind of sounds like someone throwing up and growling at the same time. It sounds awful. I'm guessing that the Nagath are on the nocturnal side, since they're up almost all night.

    These Nagaths are driving me nuts! I've pleaded to the mayor to get them kicked out, but he won't have a word of it. I think I'm going to move. I can't stand these people anymore.
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    Love it, like the whole inter-dimensional idea in the lore, I think that can lead to some pretty interesting scenarios
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    this piece needs a bit more work
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    This is actually one of the best Reptilian races that I have seen in a while.
    It is very well crafted, and evident of a lot of thought put into it.
    The thought of another dimension adds a whole new dimension (heh) to a race. They can show themselves separate from the other races, but still being able to interact.
    The UoS (Unity of Species) is a very untouched thing, showing that the Nagath are somewhat like the Political Police for that Dimension.

    I think that maybe you should ponder on the other races and have another thread somewhere (not as a suggestion) about The Endless Void and everything about the Nagath's neighbors.
    That would add an immense amount of depth to the creature, attracting more people.

    I gotta say, though, I love the name of Nagath, like the Serpentine creatures named Naga.
    Very nice play on words.

    I will be a frequent visitor on this thread, bedrock.
    I think that I am gonna maybe try a very terrible sketch of the Nagath, so we can all know the proportions and the general look.

    Before I do that, though, what kind of inspiration should I take?

    Bipedal Komodo Dragon?
    Argonian from Elder Scrolls?
    Somewhat like Camera's Drale?
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    I'll have an artwork up very soon, don't worry. by the way, the name Nagath comes from their language. Its a bit of a play on words, being two words put together. Na means 'four' or 'fourth', and Gath means 'species', so you get Nagath. thanks for your feedback! this race is actually an adaption from a race I've put a lot of thought into beforehand for a different purpose. Also, I'll make that thread you asked for. by the way, if you're willing, once I get the artwork up, could you make sprites instead?
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    Here's at least the beginning of your requested thread! Link here!
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    I am not exactly sure how to sprite. I have never tried it, though I have wanted to forever.
    No one seems to ever actually teach HOW to sprite, since the closest I could think of would be incredibly zoomed in on MS Paint to where it shows Pixels. Hahaha

    Oh, okay.
    Very cool to see that you were able to advance the suggestion much further. Great job with what you have done so far, man.
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    thank you. I might try to make my own sprites, but I'm sure its harder than making minecraft skins...
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    Practically the same thing, just with smaller pixels and a large amount of space to screw with. I think that I will take a shot at it soon..
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    cool. My sister should have my commission up soon! If anything, that should work for now.
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    I notice that when someone updates their threads, it doesn't alert anyone watching the thread (assuming you're watching it). I wanted to ask you what you thought of the updates I put on Mon's thread and also the things I added to the Nagathean race. If you find this irritating, let me know! I won't do this kind of stuff if you do happen to find me asking you irritating. No offense will be taken.
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    Just update the OP a tad bit less frequently, and post something saying "OP Updated. Added this, this, edited this, and removed this."

    Also, something very important, with long things like how he is speaking about the items, include them in Spoiler Code. If you don't know what I am talking about . . .

    A bunch of stuff goes here.

    Here is the code to do that:

    [spoiler=Title Goes Here]
    A bunch of stuff goes here.
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    NPC to player conversation example: "good to meet you."
    The Nagath are rather controversial with the Apex. They are thankful for what the Apex have done for them, but at the same time do not morally approve of the Miniknog's abusive rule. they don't mention it to the Apex though.

    isnt their system pretty much the same?
  14. Dargona1018

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    Not sure what you mean.
    Are you asking if the Nagath and Apex's political/ruling system the same?
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    for exampel if our an outcast they will hunt you and things like critik against the system is also somthing you shouldnt say out loud
    (Medicine is practiced by cutting open an unconscious subject and dealing with the illness directly through surgery or by implanted medicine)
    i wonder how many of them died by practicing and improving this (maybe in a lab...)
    also they control things like marriage based on how perfekt u are (dont know how to say this...)
    (althoug the apex didnt do that (YET...))
    its may not simelar by the laws but its still a bit to much control i think...(dont know how to say this..X2.)
    (my spelling sucks)
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    I do kinda understand that the Nagath seems to have control.
    BUT, if you go into it further in the Endless Void post (http://community.playstarbound.com/...id-otherwise-known-as-mon.78333/#post-1979861) it makes more sense.
    The other races are the working class (Ugath), the Police (Engath), the scholars/scientists (Yangath), and the Nagath are the Political race.
    They are like the Presidents/Principals of the Unity Of Species (UoS), and you follow your presidents and principals since they make the laws, and they are in control.
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    not really. The Unity of Species focuses on the people. It is their goal to make sure every citizen has a place to rest and enough food to eat. They are not really 'abusive', but have still strayed far from the original purpose of the Unity of Species. While yes, they are very controlling, they do so because they believe it is best for the people. They do not care too much about the individual, but still care about the overall status of the population. The Outcasters are hunted because they are a potential threat to the Unity of Species (the ones back in Mon are violent), no other reason.
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    okay. thanks for telling me (even though I didn't really understand it). I'll not do that anymore lol
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    Okay. they practice medicine that way because they HAVE too! their biochemistry is a good part lead (rendering Xrays useless), and sound doesn't travel well in Mon (rendering ultrasound also useless). Any other way of scanning the body fromt he outside just either is too dangerous or impractical.
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    I was just saying that you may not want to fill the whole page up with their reactions to food, and to put them in spoilers.
    Then, a list of 85 foods turns into something very small, just as small as this:
    85 food reactions

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