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    Octopus Space Pirates.... I LOVE IT. Their ship needs a Squid-faced Jolly Roger and a Glitch turned into a figurehead at max upgrades. How about a racial helm that gives a constant(but not damaging) burning and smoking effect around the head, Blackbeard style?
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    I've got something in mind for their ship. Remember, there's still a "Space" in space pirate. I don't want everything to be completely dominated by the pirate theme. With weapons like handheld canons and cutlasses, i think i want to focus on something a little more spacey for their ship design.

    Going off the fact that they have a talent for taking useless junk and making it fly, i'm going to design their ship as having a slopped together, but still coherent look to it. Massive engines bolted on and the whole thing connected by wires and tubes similar to tentacles. With a big jolly roger messily painted onto an engine.

    Good idea with the glitch figurehead, though. I'll remember it.

    In the meantime, i'm thinking about redesigning them as a whole to look a bit more alien. A second set of eyes and fangs, to be exact. Here's a shitty cellphone picture of a half finished doodle. Sorry about the quality. My scanner is a piece of shit and it's not worth taking 45 minuets to scan it in. New tablet's in the mail, though. So i can stop doing this in notebooks soon.

    EDIT: I'm losing the ship idea i threw up here. Mostly because i churned out about a dozen i liked better immediately after.
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    Well, when I say skim, I mean that I did read mostly. I'm not one to TL;DR, and I prefer text walls
    I think I didn't have much time to write at the moment, so I wanted a quick look. I did read over it when I came back though : D
    I think one of your biggest problems is that it seems to partly be a gestalt of Florans and Novakids in terms of history.

    The Pirate Lords, I mean Pirates have a loose sense of 'honor', and pirates had a low life expectancy only in terms of battle I guess. To be honest, many would have undying loyalty/honor concepts, and would sign on to work for a good deal of time.

    I would see the Marli as a race wherein spaceships are often communal system, best compared to flying space stations

    They have a main hub, along with facilities, and a "Master Pod", usually the biggest, hardest to detach.

    The Crew, often live in their own contained pods, in terms of escape, but they are truly separate ships. Each Space Faring Marli owns their own ship, and their loyalty is temporary.
    It wouldn't be uncommon to know a man named Klesh, only the next morning, after him being there two days earth time, to have flown off and docked with a new crew.
    They pillage sure, but they would make a great trade based species as well!

    I would estimate science wise they might actually be pretty good at it, and the only reason that they, an island hoping race in origin, ever even developed interstellar flight, is because after trying to speed up travel and trade more and more, at one point an entire ship lifted from the water, or a land vessel did, and ended up becoming airborne
    The first landing was messy, but the tech was recovered easily, and became adapted for airships in a sense, or more flight

    It was only a matter of time before they were in their upper atmosphere, learned it was harsh, and in about a year, had orbital ships. The ships would only be up there for an hour, maybe less at most at first, and would then do orbital decay, dive bombing in to land in water, or to hover. Within a short while, a few years, the Marli race hopped about their planet more than ever.
    Soon, entire small communites, which only existed for each member's mutual benefit, were jumping together, and the few, if existing villages, became able to jump.

    So, as a theme, instead of great reverse engineers, they could really be a bit more travel based. Instead of 'found tech', they invented it for practicality. Their world is barely settled though, still, and their farms are mobile, and hydroponic too likely. The few public work projects ever done, were likely running canals across landmasses.
    The FTL Drive was likely invented at a breakthrough by a Marli who wanted to cash in on a trade opportunity she had heard of going on in another system.
    She was the first to arrive from outer-system locale, and her tech was soon gained, after her eth,or somthing, by other Marli

    They may lack the respect/understanding of laws and ownership rights, but they have loose morals, guidelines, etc. They can temporarily understand laws and similar concepts, which make them great at bargain hunting, haggling, and also selling.

    Just reading more about their planet. sorry about my wall of text, trying to add more to this heh
    I would edit their blood contact, to work it in terms of "blood contact with Non-Marli" or something.

    I would add in, that socially they might not have many concepts for marriage. Romance isn't truly reproductive, and romantic relaitonships, along with friendships, rarely last longer than a year, most end in a month, or less. The marriage bit is partly because of ownership, due to how in many human cultures, marriage used to be a form of ownership, and it being a partnership is a new concept.
    To the Marli, they likely have no marriage ceremony, and it likely would be a 0.1% of the population stay together most of their lives (in terms of, over 10 years).
    Breeding, they likely would do it in pairs, if they are private, but I expect many Marli to be the type to have parties for breeding, or at least the ones near enough Marli to do so. In pairs is more common, for those who are solitary. A successfully fertilized clutch is publically announced, and if at a party, it doesn't matter who's eggs, or who has fertilized which eggs. A successfully fertilized clutch, is a successfully fertilized clutch.
    Though, the booze is probably at a X digit discount (wherein however many digits/fingers you got, is free). The women, would be just as cheap as the men. All it usually would take, could be a sweet word. Marli will have relationships, sure, but they're very easy to persuade for any sort of 'fun'.

    I'd say that in terms of ruling equally, equal ruling is likely more for Marli, as with everything "do what you want", so if the Pirate Lord of your village is currently on the toilet, you could proclaim you are the Pirate Lord, and actually be it for a bit.
    I imagine their government is half Klingon style succession, half Calvinball

    I do support their superstitions, but I think it could be extended slightly further, not sure how.

    I would mention that the Avian Pirates, are likely Athiests, or not devout to Kluex. Most of the devout live in temples.

    I would imagine the first relations between Marlie and Florans, would go over as "New Fish People; FLORAN KILL" sort of thing. They would have intense hostilities, until they realize that Marli are mostly inedible (I imagine that the Marlie are most of the time too poisonous, but it is a 1/10 chance a Floran is immune, or that a Marli's body poison isn't strong enough), and are not like the Hylotl, despite still being fish, I think Florans would be on great terms with the Marli. Similar to The Glitch. Only seen as friends, since The Glitch aren't edible to Florans.

    I think with The Glitch, the Marli would at first be very superstitious. Robot People, would freak them out at first.

    With game mechanics, maybe if able to be added, there could be a potential rare spawn of a Marli Village/Colony Pod landing. There is a chance they'd leave the next time you leave the planet though. I could imagine those who run small colonies, as making them quite mobile.
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    So, how do their settlements look like?
    Huts here and there or yer typical Caribbean city?
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    I've long awaited the day I could be a Cthulhu space-pirate. I can die happy now.
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    Really looking good so far! Now, I noticed you said that you're no modder. If you think you're going to have trouble with the modding part of things, I'd talk to someone who's made a race mod and get them to help you out. I'm sure there'd be many modders more than willing to help you, because the art is absolutely striking. That's just an idea- but, in short, do whatever you need to in order to get these badboys playable!
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    There's a lot of good suggestions here and i really appreciate it. I'll try to respond to as many points as i can.

    The history i had posted was more or less a place holder while i worked on the real thing. The concept of Marli being proficient traders is interesting. I guess in the end it all comes down to how you get your loot. It makes sense if you travel a lot and manage to get your tendrils on a souvenir or two that you'd want to do some trading along the way. I still wouldn't make it a central trait of their culture, but i imagine Marli merchants would be very common. Whether they're just traveling traders or pirates looking to pawn off their salvage.

    I'd rather keep their technology where it is now, being stolen and reverse engineered and all. But you're right that they should have SOME kind of advancement that got them to space in the first place. The Marli have an uncanny talent for strapping engines on just about anything. Maybe that comes from their pursuing faster and faster forms of getting around their planet.

    I imagine their off world settlements would just be the cumulation of ships and crews coming together, for one reason or another, and settling down on some new planet to explore or colonize. I doubt they'd be organized enough to manage civilian space stations the likes of which you mentioned. Though maybe the larger pirate organizations, the ones comprised of more than a few ships, have larger stations serving as a base of operations/ a place to drop their loot. It'd only make sense that if you meant to keep moving, that your home would too.

    I couldn't agree more with the way you described their government. Anyone that want's to come out and say "That does it, I'm the new Pirate Lord!" has every right to. The only thing stopping him from actually coming to power would be the previous Pirate Lord. So power is determined very literally. If you're powerful enough to beat the old Pirate Lord, survive the constant mutinies, and have a strong enough backing that you won't be completely overpowered by the Marli loyal to the old one (Or immediately succeeded by someone with similar aspirations), you win.

    This has resulted in the current Pirate Lords being some of the most influential and dreaded Marli alive. The killers of killers, and still managing to hold their title despite all this, means they're something to be feared and respected. Of corse, any swabby that happens to be brave or stupid enough to rise up has the potential to overthrow them. Then again, they have much more potential for a bullet in the head and to be tossed overboard by a laughing crew.

    Hope i got all of your points in there. Might have overlooked something. Thanks again for contributing.

    Pretty much. Nothing too fancy. Since their settlements are mostly ungoverned, i imagine things wouldn't be too pretty. Mud roads, creaky wooden buildings with dull bricks, dim lighting, etc. Maybe a bit more tropical themed. Maybe have the whole thing over water like a big pier. I picture tortuga from the Pirates movies.

    I also imagine there'd be some buildings made from crashed ships, debris, and scrap pieced together. Most everything decorated with tons of voodoo trinkets and masks to reflect their superstitious nature. Which i'll make if i get around to making some objects.

    Glad i can help check off that ridiculously specific tick on your bucket list.

    I'll do that if i ever feel like making this a mod. Right now that'd take a lot more work than i'm capable of putting into this. So i'm just leaving it a suggestion with neat sprite pictures.

    ALSO: Updated some junk in the OP. Added some starting clothes and finished the T4 armor. Literally no order to what i'm doing anymore.
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    I like the idea of the buildings being over water, it would be even cooler when they finally add the Ocean planets.
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    Very interesting! You managed to highlight thier social behavior as well as thier biology without going into excessive detail about thier coloration and markings like other race threads do. (which let's be honest, they do that a lot, and it's rarely relevant to thier racial biology or social behavior.)

    I like the idea of thier behavior being primairly dictated by their lifespans, and how it shapes them as individuals. From what I have read thus far, they are well thought out and do not clash with the mythos of the other races. I would definitely be interested in playing as them!
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    Now this is original.Didn't read all but FINALLY DO YOU SEE THAT?!THAT IS >>ORIGINAL<<
  11. Ty525

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    Thanks. And right off the bat, i'd really appreciate it if this whole thing could be completely separated from the other thread i made. I did what i could to follow my own advice, and i'd appreciate criticism on what needs it.

    I'm glad you would. Important part is making something everyone would like, not something only I would. I did what i could to keep the race appropriate for Starbound. Simple with some fine details, a little bit cliché, and some humor.

    Man, i can't wait for ocean planets. Yeah that'd be a cool idea. It'd make sense considering their need for humid environments. But since Marli don't have working gills, they'd still need to live above water. Maybe on floating "Water World" type junk.

    And having to share an environment with the Hylotl could make for some interesting relationship between the two that i'm too lazy a bastard to think up. Considering how wildly different they are. I imagine the chaotic lifestyles of the Marli would sort of clash with the peaceful Hylotl. Then there's the possibility of fighting over land, i guess.

    I need to work on the rest of the race relations though. Any suggestions?
  12. Tovias

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    Well, regarding the Weeaboos, you could just make it so the Marli
    are more like the "bandits" of their worlds, with their small life spawn they are perfect to fit the raider kind of race. And I think their chaotic behaviour puts them on the red list of nearly all the factions, the USCM, Minikong and the Avian fanatics would just find them as just another bunch of rebellious little shits. The good part is that, considering that most of the players have a backstory of being rebels of their own race, it would be understandable for them to get along with the Marli.

    Also, this place had a heart attack mid post, damn.
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    what are the marli's relations with humans? also I think this is a great idea for a race
  14. Ty525

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    So with christmas business done with, i've been playing with modding lately. God damn it's not even all the technical bullshit driving me mad. It's all the sprite editing. And this isn't even any racial armors. Why in god's name did i decide stripes was a good idea.

    You can probably bet on not being to edit their hair or skin color, if i try doing this alone. The way that works baffles me.

    Which comes down to how much work it is modding a race. Tons of race specific dialogue, a bunch of codexes, and villages can be a thing if i ever manage to get the dungeon editor to work. Villages themselves involve making lots of new objects, at that. Oh and then there's actually making a new ship. Yeah, don't get any hopes up. Although i have a bunch on NPC dialogue, player "N" dialogue, and codexes written up. Not nearly enough for a decent mod, though.

    One step at a time, though. I'm going to update the OP with some additional info later. Maybe cram the whole thing into a spoiler tag so it's not such an eyesore.

    Very good point with this. I'll be sure to add that to the relations when i update them. As for the Hylotl, i'm not sure they'd be outright hostile enough to be called bandits. Not on a whole at least. But Marli would really have no love for Hylotl attempts at "cultural enrichment". They'd probably just be laughed out of any settlement.
    Working on it. Honestly i'm having trouble figuring it out with the Humans. I guess Marli would make for good henchmen and workers along side them. Considering their loyalty lies as far as you can pay. No real hostilities aside from the occasional raider or space pirate, but on the other hand they'd have no problem playing nice. I guess it all comes down to how the USCM would feel about calling a race known for sacking ships, allies.
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    Space Pirates!! Ah.. make their herald named Ryoko, and i would be totally smitten
  16. AldoKaido

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    Who are the USCM
  17. Tovias

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    Yeah, Marli seem like the mercenary type.
    The Human government that went full tyran.
  18. Macaronisaurus

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    Brilliant! love the theme and the whole work!.

    Should be implemented!.
  19. AldoKaido

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    Oh!The USA of the future!I get it!
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    Are they called Marli because of calamary, or because of the bob marley dreads?
    But it looks really nice and i havent seen too many of the crab/cephalapod races, one suggestion though: take out the undead monkey as a pet and put in a hermit-crab like creature.

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