Race Meet the Kiitzen (repost)

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    Many people have suggested a cat race, but were always kinda vague. this, however, is my take on the subject.
    Kiitzens are cat people.there name is supposed to be a portmanteau of "kitten" and "denizen". Their culture is stylized after Las Vegas, and gambling is a big part of Kiitzen life. Every aspect of their civilization, from their leaders and government, to their own personal choices, are left up to chance. When the Kiitzens were discovered by the rest of the galaxy, they were welcomed. their homeworld became a bustling metropolis, where people of all races could become a millionaire, lose all you money, get married, and get drunk, all in one night (even more impressive because nights on the planet are only six hours.) the Kitten gambled with other races for technology and wealth. the "economy" boomed, and they became so wealthy that having a mansion with 3 cars became the "lower class" however, the Kiitzens always have to take risks. eventually, they gambled away their whole planet, and had to flee to the stars. most kiitzens lost most of their wealth after that, and turned to gambling to get it all back. the Kiitzens were struck with disaster, but they pushed on. the universe became littered with Kiitzen Cities, where the bright lights rivaled those of their original homeworld.


    Kiitzens have small Floating cities, typically over forest planets, but they can be anywhere.
    each floating city comes with apartments, a hotel/casino, a shop, and a night club.

    Kiitzens also have resorts on oceanic islands

    Maybe kiitzen truck stops on barren planets?

    Artifact: a golden chip from the card game that deemed Karfol IV the leader of the Kiitzens, ending the war of 3020

    Boss: Hal 9000, but a slot machine.

    Ship pet: Raccoon

    a mockup I made of a Kiitzen floating city. it'd be better with custom art assets, though.
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  2. Quillon

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    here's some concept art.
  3. Jareix Cryvix

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    Just so you know, CF have confirmed that they won't be adding another race to the game. However, you could possibly suggest it to the modding requests sub-forum and maybe someone will take it up from there.
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    I really like the idea! Maybe I'll mod it in when I have the time for it.Only if you want it though.
  5. Quillon

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    sure! sorry Im 3 months late to answring... yea...

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