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    J'vani are a playable race of cat-like humanoids who are very smart, social, and sophisticated. Even though they are so sophisticated, two rival J'vani factions have been at intergalactic war for over 5 centuries. Although the war has calmed down in recent years there is definitley still more fighting going on here and there. (they're based on 1700s Great Britain and America)

    The J'vani have been in the midst of a bloody civil war for over 5 centuries. The war is fought by two rival factions: The Red Jackets (who originally controlled the J'vani's home world of Nadalia), and the Rebels (who are rebelling against the Red Jackets). The battles are so bloody that thousands of refugees have had to flee, some of which even beings soldiers. The player play as a soldier who fled the terrible war.

    Although they are very smart and capable at creating amazing technology, thats just never really been their thing. Their "thing" has always been diplomacy with other race and creating weapons for the war.

    The J'vani are great at outer-species diplomacy. Take the war away and they're great at inner-species relationships too. This is probably the best race diplomatically speaking.
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    No more cats, please. It's too much.
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