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    To be fair most people never knew the Novakid exsisted in the first place, until the stretch goal was announced and it gets linked to a special page made for it, but when people go on the forums they made a new thread praising the design without actually reading any of the credits Bietol put out in his original thread. The people who credited Suika for part of design are only the people who knew about both races before the announcement, its like any other hype sink, people mostly look on the surface. The credits could be more clear, but would that really solve anything, if anything it might create more problems because when you look Bietol's thread it says Novakid and when people look at Anoydne they'll be like "how did you help make the race, this looks nothing like the Novakids" A few people already did that i believe.
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  2. Very true. I can't think of anything that would truly help other than changing the name and the appearance to make it look like the Anodynes were more involved in the creation.
    The problem, like others have said, is that asking for this is kinda pushing it. Unless we can think of a better way to merge the two.
  3. There should at least be a link to both threads when they reach the stretch goal.
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    To all those who claim otherwise, they do give suika credit:
    "Novakids were a race suggestion from a community member named Bietol. There's another, similar race suggestion from community member Suika Ibuki that we're trying to integrate into the Novakid look and lore." -mollygoss (on reddit)


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  5. It's not the credit that's the problem though. It's more of the fact that people have absolutely no idea that the Anodynes are actually literally a part of the Novakid preorder race due to the lack of Anodyne features. I'm really glad Tiy and Molly made it clear that they are trying their best to make it more noticeable. I just can't help but be concerned that it might not be possible.

    I really wish they actively talk to me about it. I can provide information about the Anodynes, and it's possible that could greatly help them integrate them into the Novakid race more.
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    This looks awesome! I wish this was the pre order bonus instead of the novakids :(

  7. ... ... ... You do realize the Novakid preorder race is the combination of BOTH Anodynes and Novakid suggestions, right?
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    i think some1 ripped of your idea by making novakids. someone please correct me if I'm wrong i feel like a Shiet head for just posting this comment
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    Did you not read above???
    Anywhom excellent work comrade! You're art skills are something to envy. (This is compliment)
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    I feel like, they should make the Anodynes are break-off faction or something of the Novakids, rather than trying to smoosh the lore together. They're supposed to be ridiculously old, so they would have been able to develop vastly different cultures.
  11. Bietol (creator of the Bietol-Novakids) was inspired by Suika's Anodynes, so he made a similar race with an Old West theme, different lore, and slightly different physical features.
    The developers at Starbound then took their ideas and are now trying to combine both of them to make the Starbound Novakids.
  12. That actually makes sense. What if the Anodynes ARE the inhabitants of ancient "Novakid" ruins; ruins that anyone would never have realized was that of an "ancient novakid". Considering their ability to live for an indefinite amount of time, they could still even be alive, only isolated in their own society, developing their own technologies to progress, while unlucky anarchists who found no safe haven were forced to live their lives as rogues who forever roam the galaxy. Those were the Novakids.

    Upon growing extremely old in age, Anodyne brands are slowly absorbed into their core, both of which fuse together and leaving no trace of the brand. With their exceptional ability of regeneration and healing, they were able to find ways to counteract the supposed side-effects to this phenomenon. [This could effectively explain why there (can) be an option to have "no brand" for a Starbound Novakid.

    Novakids, however, due to the exodus from the Anodyne society, have experienced so much unfortunate events to the point where they have completely forgotten about their past culture. Ever since then, they prioritize their needs, but are barely ever satisfied. Due to this, the will to advance in technology, and the will to gain knowledge of the universe is dead and gone.

    Now that actually both mixes their lore together and makes the Anodynes and Novakids two separate factions.
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    How would that work from a gameplay standpoint? Would the Anodynes be the village and dungeon part of the Novakids while the player character is solely Novakids?
  14. The thing is that we don't even know if there's only one kind of village, or one kind of dungeon. If they do only have one kind, why would each of the races need an equal amount of everything?
  15. Hm, this branching lore is actually quite interesting.

    What if, in fact, brands are actually Anodyne cores that have been locked into metal form by one of the ancient Anodynes as a form of punishment/stigma? The main effects of this being to introduce mortality, mental inhibitors (ADHD), and to mark them as "criminals." That way, the community of exiled anarchists are kept from achieving massive populations or making any technological advancements that might one day threaten Anodyne society - they are a shackled race who are no longer aware of it.

    Perhaps there is always an Anodyne somewhere nearby out of sight (or among them undercover), keeping a watchful eye on them.
    Perhaps occasionally there are unbranded Novakid born without the limiters on their cores; essentially a normal Anodyne raised in an rogue society.
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    or a rare branded novakid without any of the mental and physical limitations imposed essentially an anodyne that looks like a novakid o.o
  17. That works as well, plus it keeps the Anodynes from being forever old hags.
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  18. And this can be hinted at in-game with half written records by freshly branded Anodynes who are struggling to write down the full account of their tale before they forget what they are doing or lose interest in it.

    These records sometimes devolve into fanfics halfway through, and the transition is unclear and baffling to archaeologists.
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    Yeah that makes sense, it could work more along the lines a type of rarer village or dungeon to maintain the ancient or previous versions of the Novakid from a lore aspect.
  20. Correct me if I'm wrong: What you guys are saying is that Starbound Novakids will remain the same as Bietol Novakids, and you'll encounter Anodynes in old villages/ruins?

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