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Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Suika Ibuki, Apr 3, 2013.

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    I'm blue dah ba dee...
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    Really hope they pull making them both in game and be distinguishable.
    And I want to see Ellie and Vitre as npcs with the same dynamic that the Mechanic and Goblin Tinkerer had back in Terraria. :rofl:
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    They could be a way for the people who like building and excessive lore to fit in with the others.
  4. That's a really good way to put it... Distinguishable. :)
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  5. The reason why I want Anodyne features more noticeable is because if it looks exactly like the Bietol-Novakid, then there really is no reason to claim that "this also contains Anodynes in terms of features." Otherwise, to me, it just feels that I'm being dragged along just because I made the race before the Novakids appeared. It makes me feel like I'm sucking up to the Novakids for attention, and surely, I did not sign up for that.

    I don't want to be credited because I did it first, and in fact, I'm pretty sure I did not do it first. I don't want the credits to show as "Credits to Bietol, and to Suika for helping/inspiration/whatever," because the whole reason why I was asked to sign the contract was because they wanted to use it.

    I want to be credited because I'm a part of it; not a helper, but as a co-creator. It only makes sense because the Starbound-Novakids are supposedly the mixture of both the Bietol-Novakids and the Anodynes. I want the credits to show as "Credits to Bietol AND Suika."
  6. You absolutely deserve credit! omg, I never meant that it shouldn't be equally given and I really hope I didn't come across that way. I could be wrong here but I attributed the appearance of the Novakid's body to you, which is a HUGE part of how they look. That is the reason why I say that I can already see Anodyne in them. The hairstyles are different between the two as well but who doesn't want more options in the character creator? Simple enough. Their lore is different too and I'm excited to see how it will fit together. My only concern is between the brands and the hardened plasma because while both are lovely I worry that in a sprite the appearance when including both (at the same time) could get sloppy. I can't think of any other way to include more Anodyne features other than this but I could be worried over nothing. Perhaps you have other ideas on how it could be done or maybe the sprite wouldn't look so muddled after all, I don't know. The plasma and the brands are what make them visually so different which is why I think would be very difficult to integrate them further. It would really help if I could just see how it could be done I guess, I am not the most artistic one out there.
  7. NinjaBoffin

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    i would love to play as this in the game.
    It's not as same as Novakids, and that why i would love to play like Anodynes!
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    These could be some sort of distant relative of the Novakid?
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    What if your right :proper:
  10. Eldian

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    There are ways they could 'merge' so-to-speak, both races, without having to scrap the visuals of one, like saying Anodynes are a Novakid faction that cares more for tech and knowledge keeping that the main breed, and due to long hours of studying and work, their brands sunk towards the center of their heads, rather than be on the 'face' like Novakids do, this caused a chemical reaction that formed some solid fragments to form around them.
    Or said fragments are they developing some sort of organical (as organical as a plasma alien can be) exoskeleton/armor to protect their soft plasma bodies.

    It CAN be done, I came up with this 'lore' in five minutes, work a bit and you can get a much decent one, now the question is if the devs consider it. :S
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    Pretty sure they already are.
  12. Sousuke Kuroda

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    I think its a little disappointing that they went ahead and just named the entire species Novakids rather than hitting a middle ground after discussion between Suika and Bietol. I mean, Anodyne sounds like an alien species, Novakid sounds like a kids cartoon character. Unfortunately even if the Anodynes do feature rather prominently with their cultural values and appearance they'll still be attributed to Bietol by the vast majority of people that just don't visit the forums enough. This thread doesn't get as much attention as it probably should.
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    Maybe the Anodynes are the normal name, and the Novakids who didn't like their beliefs rebelled and gave there selves a nickname (being the Novakids)?
  14. Eldian

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    Seriously, the name Novakid, every time I hear it, makes me imagine a full anime/cartoon opening, with colored novakids in a Power Ranger like show. "Novakids... Beam out!" :p
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  15. Or they, being a western 'cowboy' rogueish "often forgetful" race, are actually named Anodyne. They just forgot as time passed [as well as forgetting their history because who knows why] and people started calling them Novakids.
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  16. This is what I hope the devs go with. In any old scripture, they would be referred to as the Anodynes, before Novakid became popular slang.
    Towns -------> Western
    Dungeons ---> Greco-Roman ruins
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    Good job, would love to see this in game :D
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    Easel-y the best race I have seen suggested/Implemented.
    I love it. :love:


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    i am in support of western-y towns, and greco-roman dungeans
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    So I guess it's safe to say that you've stepped a board this train. I'm here all week~ :geek::coffee:

    Why don't you say that to me face to face? :yeahhhh:
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