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    Alan takes a few long strides to catch up with the haughty Glitch, taking gazing at the setting sun as he passes by a window. The days seemed to be moving faster all the time now. When did the world become so busy? Alan addresses the Glitch, hoping to gain some information about the state of things inside the castle. "How have the staff been fairing since the king's death? I assume moral can't be at its highest, but what's their position in all of this?"
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    "Me? I am a humble castle servant in Fortuna. It was my task to find correspond with the farms the castle receives its food from and supply quotas and such. Logistics,"
    Ventello shrugs, "Can be such a tricky business these days, as the roads grow ever more dangerous. You, I'm sure, have no such trouble- I doubt any vagabond would be like to cross you!"
    Now, to ensnare them.
    Ventello acted as if he was suddenly struck by an idea.
    "Good warriors! If you are truly city-bound, then perhaps we could travel together? I promise to make it worth your while- While I'm afraid I've not much in the way of currency, perhaps I could give you a tour of Fortuna once we arrive, in exchange for your protection on the road?"
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    "I wouldn't say I'm that good mister," Benjamin sheepishly replies.
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    { Delzin, noticing Kauriss's catatonic state tries to slink away }

    " Okay then... "

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