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    Welcome to Medievalbound. The first thing I'd like to address is the RP style. Are we not in medieval times? As in those far-off days, I hope to favor quality over quantity. Therefore, this RP may contain pictures, drawings, and other visual representations of the characters, places, and items. Be warned. Also, I hope to emulate Disregard in several ways, including separate player paths, introduction of new characters, and a handy way to keep track of who's where and what's what. Believe me, those stats are super helpful.

    Now for the fun part. You, fair lord or fair lady, will have several choices of where to begin and who to become. But all these choices will bring you first to the kingdom of Fortuna.
    Fortuna is temperate and mainly rural. Pastureland runs over much of the countryside, and snow is a rare occurrence even in winter. It seems perfectly idyllic, but recent events in Castle Fortuna have brought chaos to the government and all it holds.
    First of all, the king is dead.
    Second, he has no heir. This means the throne is vacant, and whoever assumes it will have no vengeful relatives to worry about. Not to mention that without a government leader, order in the castle is slowly decaying.
    Third, some army is gathering in the southern forests. Not much is known about this army, but nearly anyone who knows will warn you to stay away from it. Bad things happen to those who venture near.
    Fourth, there are those who would take advantage of the increased chaos for their own gain. Highwaymen, petty thieves, and other such. On the flip side, some might seek to aid the people of Fortuna in this time of uncertainty. Wandering knights, healers, monks.

    Many races exist in this world. The most common are the Humans, the Hylotl, the Floran, the Novakid, the Glitch, the Apex, and the Avians.
    The Humans are a brave race. Ingenuous and adaptable, they might be found nearly anywhere, from royal court to gutter.
    The Hylotl are a proud race. Many are nobility, others are leaders of thieves or soldiers, still others may be found wandering the land as monks, ronin, or healers.
    The Floran are a diverse race. Some know only violence; others may take roles as productive members of society. There are not many Floran among the nobility, however.
    The Novakid are a wandering race. Few and far between, they take on diverse roles, legal or illegal.
    The Glitch are best known as nobility, though many are commoners.
    The Apex are a hardworking race. Blacksmiths, guards, knights, or soldiers, they are known for strength and loyalty. Of course, there are some who aren't so loyal...
    The Avians are known for their religion. Their priests travel similarly to the Hylotl monks. Crusaders, or even less religious roles such as wandering knights, thieves, or beggars, aren't exactly rare.

    Now, what about you? Would you like to join in telling and living this tale? If so, please fill out the form below and post it here. I'll review it and give some advice if necessary, then PM you about a way to introduce your character.

    Name (full name plus any nicknames)
    Image References (optional but recommended)
    Race (includes all canon species from the Starbound universe; ask about mod or other non-canon races):
    Age (in Human years please, since it's what we're all used to, but you can include relative age/maturity for their species):
    Build (what size/shape is your character?):
    Appearance (physical appearance, including clothes and armor):
    Belongings (whatever your character carries with them):
    Strengths (it is actually possible to have a too-weak character, don't ignore these!):
    Flaws (not just appearance, but actually affecting the character):
    Backstory (including why the character is coming/came/lives in Fortuna):
    Theme Song (totally optional but looks cool):

    This skill chart should aid you and me in telling our story. Please attach it below your character sheet as part of your application.
    Now, the way I will use this is simple, hopefully. I'll roll a die in situations where the outcome is uncertain, and apply the number of any relevant skill to that number, to give your character a chance reflecting his actual ability. The result will determine how well that situation turns out.

    Basic Skills (each should be a number from 0-6 and the total should add up to 27)
    Strength (lifting things or hitting people):
    Agility (how good are you at running away?):
    Perception (sensing what's around you):
    Intelligence (how well you can learn, and/or how much you know):
    Constitution (determines how much damage you can take, or how long you can keep doing something):
    Charisma (how well do people like you and what you have to say?):
    Dexterity (handling a sword, holding things, picking a lock):
    Will (constitution against mental stresses):

    Before you begin, I'll go over some rules. These rules may seem obvious to some, but it does not hurt to remind you.
    No excessively vulgar language. Your character may swear, but I see no reason to go overboard with it, or swear in OOC.
    Remember that you cannot force actions on other characters. That includes actions your character attempts to do on other people, or sometimes objects. Having your character attempt to do something, or stating what he would do, are two good ways to go about this.
    Be clear about where your character is. Images will help with this. Yes, I invite you to contribute your own drawings or images to the RP to help visualize your character in relation to her surroundings.

    Co-GMs (help drive the plot, manage NPCs, etc. You cannot request to become one, so please don't try.)
    None so far. I've got this covered! ...I think.

    Player Characters
    Benjamin Botman, played by @quitaren12
    Alan Sorkin, played by @DustyScabbard
    Nook, played by @zeskorion
    Eserci Ventello, played by @Tatterdemalion
    Fieke Schmidt, played by @Roland Weiss
    Miratha Stoutmantle, played by @Gilligan Lanley
    Delzin Einstraad, played by @Arra

    Important NPCs (can only be killed with permission from the GM)
    None so far. You don't know anyone!

    The Crown (soldiers of Fortuna, including the royal guard)
    Delzin Einstraad
    The Lawless (thieves, rogues, and highwaymen)
    Fieke Schmidt
    The Crusade (fight for or otherwise seek to advance their religion)
    The Defenders (fight for or care for the people of Fortuna)
    Benjamin Botman
    The Green Army (the army in the southern forest)
    Eserci Ventello
    The Traders (merchant fortune seekers who stay on the level... usually)
    The Wanderers (none of the above)
    Alan Sorkin
    Miratha Stoutmantle
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    Who else is totally hyped?

    Sorry, I had to say something to subscribe to the thread.
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    ME, ME, I AM
  4. zeskorion

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    this is purely medieval right? no tech? but does magic exist...?
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  5. Alkanthe

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    Lol nope, sorry, magic is too complicated for me to deal with... Yet.
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  6. zeskorion

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    *curses under breath*
    well... er... I can help with that if you ever so need it. but this gives me a character idea
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  7. Firepaw Da Cat

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    Heeeey, this looks great! I really like the idea, and the idea seems quite interesting [​IMG]

    I'll work on making a character so I can join [​IMG]
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    Name: Benjamin Botman

    Gender: Male

    Race: Glitch

    Occupation: Nomad Knight, wanders the land looking to help wherever he can.

    Age: In human years? 27, however he's somewhat naive and thusly immature, even if he knows the danger of the world.

    Build: Tall and stocky.

    Appearance: Very rugged jawline, narrow face, black eyes that use LEDs as the iris and pupil, the LEDs are coloured red, he has a nose and eyebrows but they're mainly aesthetic, his plating is tinted silver and slightly greenish in some areas, his "hair" is black and spikes upward in the front like his helmet.

    Belongings: His armour and blade, his armour is white and yellow heavy plating with big round shoulder pads a soft curves, his helmet is a family heirloom as his great grandfather was the leader of the royal guard, his grandfather was exiled however.
    His helmet has circle shaped holes for the eyes connected by a classic T-shaped visor, the split at the bottom curves out and the front looks like a separate piece as it rises above the rest of the helmet to form a spike.
    The blade he uses is a one handed blade of steel, the hilt is steel as well.

    Strengths: He's very strong willed and moral, trained by old knights.

    Flaws: Immature, doesn't feel the gravity of some situations, sometimes insensitive toward others when all he wants to do is help.

    Backstory: Raised in a family of exiled nobles and knights he was taught to always do the right thing no matter what anybody says, he plans to take after his great grandfather and become a royal guard, but on his way to the capital he discovers the king is dead, but continues on his path anyway.
    Previous to this, he spent his childhood working on the family farm in the outskirts of a small town, training with his parents.

    Theme Song: White Rabbit(This song is so trippy I love it)

    Etc: I think I cleared the etc pretty well.

    Basic Skills (each should be a number from 0-6 and the total should add up to 27)

    Strength: 4
    Agility: 2
    Perception: 2
    Intelligence: 2
    Constitution: 6
    Charisma: 1
    Dexterity: 4
    Will: 6
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    Oh? Well, that's good. Glad I have so many willing volunteers, wow....
    All right!
    *squints* wait where's the backstory
    Aside from that, I think this is pretty good. Not sure how critical I'm supposed to be but aside from the missing backstory section, I can't see anything amiss.
  10. CondescendedWow

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    How did I miss the backstory?

    Fixed it anyway.
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  11. ShinigamiX

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    Hi, just saying that I'd like to join and will work on a character as soon as I can.
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  12. Alkanthe

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    Oh that looks fine, I'll go ahead and add Benjamin to the character list then.
    Sounds fine to me!

    Also I might've just disappeared for 30 minutes to make us a banner and ended up making it a lot bigger than originally intended, OH WELL. I'm going to add it anyway.
  13. zeskorion

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    i will make a traveling alchemist/entertainer dude, dont no one take that guy
  14. Alkanthe

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    Alchemist? Oh this'll be fun.
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  15. zeskorion

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    more quack than alchemist, nothing on the lines of lead to gold, he is more take your money and throw a smoke bomb
  16. Alkanthe

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    Perfect. I love this guy already.
  17. CondescendedWow

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    Ooo like an elixir salesman!
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  18. zeskorion

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    yea. a traveling quack. 100% guaranteed your money's worth in strange fluid or your money back- if you can catch up
  19. Gilligan Lanley

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    I'll have to keep an eye on this, maybe make up a character sheet. But first, sleep.
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  20. ShinigamiX

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    So are we capable of storing things in an inventory? like how the character's in starbound seem to store their stuff in their matter manipulator? because I was hoping to make a novakid merchant and a merchant can't easily move around if he's got alot of stuff to carry with him. Even if its not a proper matter manipulator but just some kind of wrist-based device that can hold stuff it would work out..... unless I'm able to carry a device for teleporting people to my space-train which would function like a shop and can sell people things from there. Though since this seems to have a much greater medieval setting I doubt we'd have spaceships..... unless we can.

    I'm doubt I'm gonna be doing that much 'merchanting' but I'd just like to know if my character is capable of doing that or at least know so I can work on how else my character is carrying his wares. I could carry the wares in a large backpack but since I wanted him to be a more agile fighter (since novakids use guns and most gunners in games are more agile and squishy than the sword-bearing warriors) so the backpack would wind up weighing him down..... Just trying to find out my options at this point.

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