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    .We need a Huge mech fighting area where can fight ohter mechs in our mech and ohter players if they join you.

    .maybe even with mech teams fighting each ohter on a 4 vs 4 fight.

    .there need be to floor boost, health kits spawning that you only need to walk on but the enemys should be able to get them if they step on them too.

    .there should be traps spining blades, crushers , flame throwers, eletrical wires, acid water. that we can puch each ohter in.

    .there should be platforms and more platfroms and even more platforms above dose platfroms.

    .we should be able to jump on top of ohter mech to take damage of them like mario too.

    .there should be tread mills on some of the maps and moving platfroms trapolins and spring traps.

    .and we need a awesome backround fighting theme no wait say three awesome fighting themes because we useual gets tired of the first one afther a few rounds.

    .it need to be big enough that we can hide when we have too low health and the enemy should be smart enough to retrat and try to heal when they have too low health but not in the first fights.
    also it need walls we can hide behind with a T shaped platforms above and more then one.

    .and we need to have many fights not only three like the gladiator area there was way too few fights there. atleast ten.

    .maybe give us extra lifes so we can keep fighting until a timer runs out and see who scored the most kills.
    if we only get thrown out of the mech when its out of health then we could get teleport back to a new one.

    .need more then one round on each fight.

    also the last fight need to be a exstra big monster mech with only a few weak spots that we need to take out but you need to take out all the weak spots before you can take any damage of it.

    sorry for any spelling errors just so excited on this idea.
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    Basically, we need Smash Bros/Titanfall/Street Fighter Mech battles?

    Euphoric.png Yes, we do.
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