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Discussion in 'Vehicles and Mounts' started by YoruToboe, Jun 4, 2017.

  1. YoruToboe

    YoruToboe Void-Bound Voyager

    I love the mechs, they are great and everything on this update tries to renew planet exploration to be more than only about planets. And i really like the idea but not how it's mechanics are used.

    First of all a Mech is meant to be something like a powerful exobody that enhances everything you do and by that point you still KINDA hit the spot. You see, the energy bar is somewhat dumb in my opinion, don't get me wrong i really think energy is something a Mech should use but having it "recharge" it's energy by killing monsters??? What???

    This is my idea and i would like the community to point your suggestions as well. I know that everyone hates farming Erchius but i think the Mech should have a "Reactor" that slowly recharges energy as a Mech Part. So early reactor is shit, gives little to almost no energy and uses fuel(The fuel can be reworked to be like a craftable "power rod" to work like nuclear reactor or something(Using the old ores like Uranium, Plutonium or even coal like the FTL used to accept, each giving the reactor a % of the power production increased)

    I think this way because the grind for spare parts is something that we need to look for and having to jump and wait for encounters to appear is not cool. So maybe we go to a encounter and can look around for monsters as some encounters can be like rock hives so you can farm minerals from it(mining) and some is this machine type of self replicating station(So you can give this monsters a background to work around as not being some random machine that flies on the space without purpose, maybe even codexes)

    Also i would like a EPP for little busters for exploration on 0g where the mech can't fit or mine through(Think of what the modders that makes missions can do with this??? :O)

    The reactor can be used as already on the body part not only giving max energy but energy recharge rate. . .

    Just as a finishing side not i would like more weapons for mechs, maybe having shoulders or back slots for some heavy weapons but very energy hungry for maybe some future space side boss???

    Hope you all enjoy this suggestions and progress on this thread to discuss about options for energy management of mechs :)

    Thanks for reading
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  2. KingDragonMage

    KingDragonMage Void-Bound Voyager

    i also think it is annoying energy, plus on planets the creatures don't give you energy. a fuel that is craftable would be handy
  3. Bersalius

    Bersalius Subatomic Cosmonaut

    We have here a cool concept to be explored... I like your ideas. A space boos is something I'm looking forward, and I really liked your idea of a type of self replicant robots and a lore behind them. Maybe a Glitch prototype/experiment... About energy for Mechs, I'm not sure, but the part where you can reduce the energy consumption which an upgrade (part) is cool.
  4. Dracoxpe

    Dracoxpe Yeah, You!

    Same... I agree, right now im quickly depleting from 1/4 full to nothing... (yes im playing as im posting this) so now what?

    Yeah, screw our old system--i like it but we might need an improvement or two. Maybe we could have some kinda of portable tank in our inventory that we could use to fuel the mech back up a little?
  5. DraikNova

    DraikNova Ketchup Robot

    Personally, I would forego the fuel entirely (because fuel is generally the most annoying kind of mechanic you can have, along with its cousin, ammo mechanics) but keep the reactor part. Maybe make the reactor something you can activate/deactivate with a key, and which halves your defense when active so you don't abuse it in combat.
  6. mikeloeven

    mikeloeven Big Damn Hero

    Personally the only real change I want to see with mechs is removal of idle power drain. I mean yes technically a car uses energy while idling but for the most part fuel economy is measured by miles per gallon. Mech power should drain while drilling shooting and moving but not while just sitting in the cockpit standing still.

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