Mech Call Down Button! Spheres?

Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by MysticVirgo, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. MysticVirgo

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    You can beam down inside a mech from your ship, but even in the future you cannot call DOWN your mech while on a planet or any other open space? Suggestion, make it to where you can call down your mech while on a planet or any other area. Only thing is there cannot be anything blocking the way. Just like beaming up cant beam up if theres something blocking the way. Think this would be cool! Its also too bad you cant enter Vaults with your mech. The doors are too tiny! D:!!! But you know... It would be cool maybe if the mech could enter a sphere mode and... idk :> roll around to fit into tiny-er places! With these new mechs it would be really cool to be able to fight the bosses! Although, i don't think a mech could ever fit through the boss door </3 --- Final suggestion, maybe "mech techs" ??? Blink/Sphere/??? Or do you think this is all too op? Just some ideas I think would really make mechs rock even more then they already do!!!
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  2. STCW262

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    That seems like one of the things 1.3 left unpolished, as Mechs are generally unsuitable to planets (Energy can't be found there, either).
  3. mikeloeven

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    Better yet if you get into trouble you can call down multiple mechs piloted by your crew like deep striking in a bunch of dreadnoughts in dawn of war :rofl:
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  4. SickSix

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    I don't like the mech sphere idea becuase mechs shouldn't be usueable for everything.

    But the call down mechanic seems like something that should have been apart of the implementation in the first place.

    Like let me dig a big wide well into a planet and then call my mech down to help drill through the juicy parts or fight off scary monsters.
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  5. TheChriss

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    Yeah, like, mechs are for combat and some for mining, the player has the sphere-tech-thingy, and dash and so on

    Edit: fixed a typo :p
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