Mayor disgraced quest

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    Simple quest idea.
    Unlock by encontering the secret not for the mayor and marnie in the bush

    Allow a character to retrieve Mayor Lewis's shorts from his house or marnies. Then collect the following items. A bikini top, party hat, truffle oil, and the sold gold lewis.

    You place the statue in town square (circle) proceed to decorate It with his shorts, bikini top and party hat. Come back 5-10 pm non raining. The mayor is fuming pointing fingers at every one. You walk up.

    You should see your face! -500 friend ship

    I did this for your own good! -0 friendship which leads to two more options
    1. Mello out you to stressed! -100
    2. Why is it big deal? We all know its for marnie. You need to stop hiding behind your title and just tell her. We all know. When will you!
    After a season lewis gives her a mermaids pendant
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