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Maybe I am idiot

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Lazarus5403, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. Lazarus5403

    Lazarus5403 Space Hobo

    The difficulty level of the game seems arbitrary. I have 35 hours in but characters can still get pretty much one shot past the first planet. I love the unlimited potential of the game. Why is a hunting spear the best weapon I can get? ( I had to research to find that out) Why can't I improve my weapons or armor without tungsten? Honestly even I could think of slapping on an extra layer of armor to improve things. I tried ranged weapons but the damage of the iron assault rifle was laughable. I tried melee but get stomped maybe I am just not cut out for this type of game but it seems as if there should be an incremental improvement system not just you suck and should run until you find good gear...
  2. Hidari

    Hidari Over 9000!!!

    Progression in the vanilla isn't that difficult, to be honest. Everyone has that initial struggle, sure, but once you get a feel for what works best for you, you'll be able to breeze through it. Here's how I do a character from the ground up:

    Start > Get to planet > Find the mine camp > gather (hopefully) 20 core fragments > also take 20 Iron/Copper/Silver/Gold (if you can!) > find the altar and go to the Outpost > unlock the first mission > create Iron armor and weapons > unlock basic Techs > do the first mission > LOOT EVERYTHING (there's some nifty gear in there!) > Fix Ship > Visit T2 planets in the same system. Suddenly: tungsten happens.

    Note: this does not include the survival stuff you need to do: gather healing material components, creating a shelter, making your crafting stations, etc. All this can still be accomplished within the first 30-40 minutes of gameplay, unless you get incredibly unlucky and have to dig down to core level for the fragments.
  3. IAmGod

    IAmGod Tentacle Wrangler

    Pft who needs 20 core fragments
  4. Hidari

    Hidari Over 9000!!!

    You do, if you want to unlock a transporter and are doing a solo run on a new character in a clean universe.
  5. IAmGod

    IAmGod Tentacle Wrangler

    I'm joking bud :nuruhype:
  6. Hidari

    Hidari Over 9000!!!

    When someone's having a hard time, I believe it's best to save jokes for later so they won't get confused. Still, no harm done so don't worry too much about it.

    Also, as another thought, I wonder if OP was putting his armor into the actual armor slot and not into the vanity slot...? Hmm.
  7. Lazarus5403

    Lazarus5403 Space Hobo

    actual armor slot sold vanity cause I could care less and armor looks good enough. So run get stuff... I have been to the core to get the fragments it is a long way down but I still just go splat made it to the first planet in starting system with tungsten and pretty much got auto-killed...
  8. Hidari

    Hidari Over 9000!!!

    What are you getting killed by?
  9. Starfeather

    Starfeather Phantasmal Quasar

    Matter manipulator is the best defensive tool you can have (at least against non-blockpassing enemies). Always carry around a big stack of dirt. If you're in a tough spot, you can box either yourself, or the enemy. It'll let you stop them from doing damage, let you get away or heal, and you'll be able to change the battlefield to your advantage before releasing the enemy if you'll decide to continue fighting. Some dungeons are protected from damaging and placing blocks and furniture - those you need to save for when you'll have better equipment.
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  10. Lazarus5403

    Lazarus5403 Space Hobo

    Thanks Starfeather hadn't seen that anywhere. Hidari it is some big green slime looking thing I guess they tend to blend together eventually :/
  11. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The Waste of Time

    Range weapons. And like any RPG with guns, kite the enemy around and pluck at it till it dies. You are squishy, so kiting is really your only option off the bat till you find something better, which in Starbound, isn't far off.
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  12. Lazarus5403

    Lazarus5403 Space Hobo

    I will have to hope for a good ranged drop but thanks
  13. Ralij

    Ralij Big Damn Hero

    A combination I find that works is to use a ranged weapon first then switch to a one-handed weapon with a shield. Against creatures that don't become invulnerable after hitting them a quick weapon like a dagger works pretty well. Whittle down their health as they get close and then finish them off up close.

    Bum rushing with the shield raised works well against ranged enemies like the things that spit acid at you in forest worlds.

    If you're in a gunfight using your matter manipulator to place a 2 block high dirt and then hitting the 's' key to duck while reloading works pretty well. Fire off a few rounds then duck, then fire some more. Takes a bit to get the hang of, but it works pretty well. Similarly, hiding behind a wall while using a grenade launcher like a mortar is fairly effective as well.

    Another idea if you're having a hard time with enemies that are bull rushing you is to get a shotgun, wait till they are close then unleash in their face, knocking them back to avoid damage while hitting them for large amounts of damage. Another idea is to use a spear for melee, you can keep the spear held out to force enemies to keep their distance, giving you some breathing room.

    I have no idea why hunting spears are the best in the game early on, that really was an odd design choice I think. Just some ideas that might help until you can get to tiering up your gear. I have no idea what weapons are available to you at the present, they seem pretty random early on, but the shield and one handed weapon is craftable, I think. Best of luck.
  14. Lazarus5403

    Lazarus5403 Space Hobo

    Thanks Ralij I will take a bit of a breather and use everyone's advice and give it another chance.
  15. DraikNova

    DraikNova Spaceman Spiff

    Here's my advice. Grenade launchers. They allow for trick shots, allow you to set up a trap before an enemy sees you, and are great for hitting groups of enemies. I usually dual-wield the pair with the highest DPS I can (there's a mod that will calculate the DPS for each weapon for you so you don't have to, I'd recommend getting it). Furthermore, make sure to keep whatever attack buttons you're using pressed. Just tapping it will never get you your optimal attack rate. Early on, you'll have to carry around a ton of bandages if you're having trouble killing enemies before they get to you. Get a fluffalo if you want an easy source of plant fibre to make them from. If you find a village, try to do as many of their quests as possible. Eventually, you'll get a crew member from this, which will allow you to have one person deal with threats you can't see. Crew members are great, since they automatically know which generated monsters are hostile. Personally, I use my first hotbar (you can switch hotbars with X) for weapons, and put stuff like torches and platforms into my second one, and carry around at all times: a sword (for close-range), a gun (or multiple; for normal ranged combat), a rocket launcher with the guided rocket special and two grenade launchers (for trick shots) plus a staff with the healing zone special (a life-saver).

    The key to those slimes is to double-jump over them. They can't move quickly or jump at all, so double-jumping should get you away from them quite easily if you're not willing to sit at range and fire at them until they die.
  16. Lazarus5403

    Lazarus5403 Space Hobo

    Thank you DraikNova. Thank you all for your input.

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