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RELEASED Maverick-Hunters MMX 11.0.3

Featuring Armors, Techs (Ride Armors, Zero- and X-"Modes") and Weapons of the MMX/Z/ZX games

  1. yhgghdg

    yhgghdg Void-Bound Voyager

    how soon will this be updated for you to use the mech and stuff
  2. Zach9o9

    Zach9o9 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Hard to say. If it's two people, probably a good long while, considering they need to update the actual equipment code to the current 1.4 version of release. And it's probably a long while too, considering the differences between individual pieces of equipment, like Z-Saber, ZX-Saber, and Omega-Saber as an example.

    And they need to make sure everything is solidly compatible with the base game before working on additional patches for other mods, like ensuring it plays nice with Frackin Universe, as a slight example (Though that can probably be mitigated if the authors work together).
  3. eksynn

    eksynn Giant Laser Beams

    will this work on 1.4.4?
  4. SacredCaedeus

    SacredCaedeus Phantasmal Quasar

    Yes, it does work on version 1.4.4. I also don't think the mod would break even if an update dropped tomorrow, as this mod currently adds nothing that actually affects universe/world files.
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  5. SacredCaedeus

    SacredCaedeus Phantasmal Quasar

    You didn't need to do a double post, but anyway...

    Assuming you've dropped the mod file into the mods folder in your Starbound directory, all you have to do is open your crafting menu like you normally would and the Construction Capsule should be right there on your list. From there you'll be building anything from this mod using either the Construction Capsule or the Biometal Forge.
  6. ivan06ge

    ivan06ge Void-Bound Voyager

    How can I equip the weapons like x buster, z saber...
  7. SacredCaedeus

    SacredCaedeus Phantasmal Quasar

    Please read the mod description for the answer. Clearly you haven't, which is why I'm telling you to. This question and your previous one are both answered in the mod description.
  8. Hexadood

    Hexadood Space Spelunker

    I have very high hopes for this mod, and I'm excited to see it grow!
    It's a shame that it's been set back so much by the latest update to Starbound, I hope you guys can get a foothold again.
    And, I'm sure you've heard this a lot by now, but...What's the latest on the mod itself? I'm really looking forward to seeing the mod make a comeback.
  9. ledbullet100

    ledbullet100 Void-Bound Voyager

    problem the x buster and z saber arent in the biometal forge and the mission for the x and z tech didnt show up
  10. Zach9o9

    Zach9o9 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    As mentioned on the front, the weapons and tech do not work due to the change in StarBound's code from the Early Access to now. Until someone can work with the code to fix it, the mod only has the outfits.
  11. ledbullet100

    ledbullet100 Void-Bound Voyager

    yeah i saw that now hope you guys can fix it any progress yet?
  12. Zach9o9

    Zach9o9 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    It's been about 5 months since the mod's owner posted, and we haven't had any updates since, and no one has come forward saying they are working on fixing the mod, so I'm going to say no, there is no progress. At all. Considering one would need to rewrite all the effects, stats, and point each piece of gear to the right pointers from scratch, it's going to be a massive undertaking.
  13. ledbullet100

    ledbullet100 Void-Bound Voyager

    well thats just great....
  14. ledbullet100

    ledbullet100 Void-Bound Voyager

    i may know someone who can help but the problem is hes a hacker who likes to torment me so he could mess it up just to mess with me but he may get it done with payment
  15. ledbullet100

    ledbullet100 Void-Bound Voyager

    my buddy ben is fixing the mod as we speak
  16. EpicN

    EpicN Big Damn Hero

    So when will this mod be fixed?
  17. Crystan

    Crystan Maverick Hunter

    If someone wants to send me a fixed version, i'll gladly upload them here (with proper credit). As stated on the mod page and in the permission tab, custom fixes of the mod that are uploaded elsewhere NOT permitted (Script fixes that still require the original mod version are fine tho). I hope that everyone understands and respects that wish of Dragonith and myself. There are plans to create a workshop page but i can't tell you when that will happen. Also that workshop version will feature no fixes, except someone else wants to commit fixes. I'm currently very busy and I just dont have time to take care of the mod for now and in the future.

    I'm sorry, I really wish I had the time to fix and add new stuff but thats sadly not the case.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2020
  18. tGMP

    tGMP Void-Bound Voyager

    as much as i want a complete version of this mod, it's understandable that IRL crap gets in the way of profitless passion projects.
  19. Hexadood

    Hexadood Space Spelunker

    I concur, if the big boss man Crystan has things he need to attend to IRL, then it's totally understandable why the mod is on hiatus!
    Don't worry about us, we've been patient so far. I'm sure we can hold onto our excitement for however long it takes to fix the mod. Just don't leave us hangin'!
  20. ledbullet100

    ledbullet100 Void-Bound Voyager

    so far hes just fucking around idk if hes really gonna do it ill see if any of my friends can help or someone

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