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RELEASED Maverick-Hunters MMX 11.0.3

Featuring Armors, Techs (Ride Armors, Zero- and X-"Modes") and Weapons of the MMX/Z/ZX games

  1. SacredCaedeus

    SacredCaedeus Phantasmal Quasar

    I just went and checked every available recipe from this mod in game, and I've found nothing of the sort. Sorry, but this looks like the fault of another mod. Also, what "Normal outfit" are you talking about?
  2. Benven99

    Benven99 Phantasmal Quasar

    Under Recipe/colors/vanilla is the normalhead, normalchest, and normallegs, that require cleardye.
  3. SacredCaedeus

    SacredCaedeus Phantasmal Quasar

    Yeah there's nothing named like that in this mod. Your problem is very likely caused by another mod you're using, so you have to figure the problem out yourself. Everything in this mod requires Force Metal to craft except for one or two things, which need pixels instead. I don't know what other mods you're using, and I couldn't even begin to try and troubleshoot them, as I use very minimal mods myself.
  4. Benven99

    Benven99 Phantasmal Quasar

    This is definitely in this mod. I just opened up a newly downloaded version, opened it up, and found the three items, requiring cleardye. Unless you are using a version different from the one on the forum. MMX/Recipe/colors/vanilla. The recipe states that inaddition to the cleardye, it also uses mmxstandardchest (atleast for normalchest) and is grouped under dyeingmachine. The output is the same item as the input, but with a different color index number. Looking through the folders near that one, the normalhead/chest/legs appear under most of them. It appears to be for some kind of dyeing mechanic that was never taken out in the current version of the forum download.
  5. SacredCaedeus

    SacredCaedeus Phantasmal Quasar

    Nothing currently accessible that is crafted in this mod needs clear dye, and I can even go check again in game. I have the alpha 11 version, which is the mod's current version. What you're experiencing isn't a problem with this mod; something else is causing it. Tell me it's this mod's problem all you want, everything in this mod except for the initial crafting station requires Rare Metal to make. I'd show you dozens of screenshots just to demonstrate this to you this, but I don't care to spend my time screen shoting every single item's requirements and trying to load them all into a forum post. Your bug is either caused by another mod (which I'm willing to bet it is) or somehow you went and broke something. My mods consist of this one, a no pilot helmet mod for mechs, explorerpod, and two mech mods. My setup is more or less clean, so I can tell you for a fact Rare Metal is the only item that that is needed for crafting in this mod. Unless you can prove to me that there's actually a bug by unloading any possible mods you might have and ONLY load this one and show me the same thing is happening, I'm going to say it isn't this mod.

    All of that said, what IS your mod loadout?
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  6. Benven99

    Benven99 Phantasmal Quasar

    Mod loadout is like 500+ Mods, but none of them are the problem. You are arguing from looking inside the game and looking at the recipe's through there. I am arguing from opening up the mod file and looking at the files themselves. We are arguing from two completely different points. If I remember correctly, the mod used to have dye mod support, so it could be leftover assets from that. It's also not really a bug, I just looked in the log, saw an error, and decided to tell the mod maker, and using Notepad++ led me to MMX as the culprit. Once again, I know it is this mod, as Notepad++ listed it as the only mod i have that references Cleardye, and when I actually unpacked the mod, I found the normallegs/chest/head recipe files, like I stated before.

    EDIT: Looking through the mod page, I did find a reference to the dye mod, and on that mod's page, found what i believe to be both the cleardye item, and dyeingmachine group. All this points to leftover assets from before Vanilla incorporated dyeing into the game. It would also explain why you can't find them in the game when you look through the recipe's, as it requires a machine that is no longer avaible for download, and so the assets I am refering to have no way to be shown ingame.

    Also added image to show what I am talking about.

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    Last edited: Jul 29, 2017
  7. SacredCaedeus

    SacredCaedeus Phantasmal Quasar

    So you've been pointing something out that's completely pointless that you pulled up by opening the files. Why are you talking about it at all? I see that you said you got an error, but seriously, why? Unless you just really want to dye the armor, that feature is inaccessible in actual gameplay, thus it's irrelevant. It's not even a problem from the start and is an artifact of an earlier version. It has no impact on you at all. What you prove is "it's there in the files" which is all well and good, but it does nothing.

    If it's really producing an error, it obviously isn't anything important if myself and other people can run it and not encounter an issue where it shows recipes like that in game. If it were absolutely breaking things, I'm sure a quick message to the author might get him to fix it if he had the time, but I can't and won't speak for him. All I know and can relate to you is from what he's said, he's busy with more important things.

    So unless those recipes are actually showing up for you in game, breaking something's functionality, or causing crashes, it's ultimately a non-issue.

    To put it another way, it's nice you're pointing an error out to the guy, but if it isn't completely mod breaking or game crashing, don't expect it to be fixed any time soon.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2017
  8. Benven99

    Benven99 Phantasmal Quasar

    I didn't know all that info when I first posted about it. That was only after I did some more digging. And i brought it up because it was an error, and as i did not know the connection to the dye mod, thought the mod maker would like to know so they could fix it. Its probably still something to bring up, because there have been about 15 updates for this mod since the dye mod last updated, and those assets are still in the mod. The mod maker could have forgotten about them, and may have wanted to know. And still, Error's are Error's.
  9. Crystan

    Crystan Maverick Hunter

    Yes, these are recipes that simply have been forgotten but they shouldn't be accessible ingame. As far as I recall they never produced any error message, except you got access to them through different means or CF recently updated the error log behavior.
  10. PaladinPv

    PaladinPv Space Hobo

    any way to spawn items? or at least make more of any I currently have?
  11. SacredCaedeus

    SacredCaedeus Phantasmal Quasar

    Use the Rare Metals to craft more of the items you want from the respective station. That's it. If you're looking for the item name/codes to put into commands, I can't help with that, and frankly wouldn't. That would take away from what little the mod is now. Plus you get Rare Metals from killing stuff, and they aren't exactly rare like the name would imply. Makes me wish they had at least some sort of pixel value to them.
  12. PaladinPv

    PaladinPv Space Hobo

    im just having trouble using x mode
    every time I press F key nothing happens even with full tech equipped
  13. SacredCaedeus

    SacredCaedeus Phantasmal Quasar

    All techs in this mod are currently broken.
    X Tech, Zero Tech, Ride Armor Tech, and Ridechaser Tech DO NOT WORK.
    All weapons are not accessible either despite their blueprints being "unlocked" in game; ignore such notices.
    Only the costumes are currently usable.

    If you'd bothered to read the previous pages you'd know that it is non-functional.
  14. endermako64

    endermako64 Aquatic Astronaut

    i don't know how to make any of the weapons I need help to how to craft them:metroid:
  15. Roskii Heiral

    Roskii Heiral Heliosphere

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  16. endermako64

    endermako64 Aquatic Astronaut

    gee, that's too bad to know and thank you for telling me :casper:
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  17. ShadowDragon8685

    ShadowDragon8685 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Is there any chance of a "vanity items only" type of alternate version for this mod that features, well, only the costume parts and other stuff that works more or less as Vanilla starbound does, without bringing with it a load of nonworking stuff?

    I'm afraid of breaking a working, heavily-modded setup if I try installing this.
  18. LegendXCarisso

    LegendXCarisso Pangalactic Porcupine

    Well... that's really unfortunate. I hope this mod will be updated eventually.
  19. GokentoPower

    GokentoPower Void-Bound Voyager

    Gosh, i'll assume that this mod is dead...
  20. SurfinDolphin

    SurfinDolphin Void-Bound Voyager

    If only there was an update on the mod page as to what's happening with the mod and whether they've given up on it or it's taking longer than usual due to technical difficulties. It feels as though the last update was EONS ago. :cool:

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