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Bug/Issue Master Angler achievement bug + Shane Jojamart bug + Gifts bug

Discussion in 'Support' started by GHxC, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. GHxC

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    I've done a single player play through of the Beta, and most of the bugs have either already been reported or have been fixed as of the latest update, so that's good. I do have a couple which I haven't seen any reports of though:

    Master Angler achievement: The achievement you unlock after capturing all fish in game, for which you will receive a stardrop from Willy in the mail. Turns out, I got the achievement to unlock before I caught all the fish, I had three fish remaining. No point in explaining the details because its clear why the bug occurred. The 3 new fish added to the game in 1.3 (The fish that can be caught in the submarine) are not being considered. I'm guessing the condition for unlocking the achievement must be catching a certain number of fish, and that condition isn't taking into account the three new fish added.

    Shane Jojamart bug: This is a simple one. On the day when you get the event for completing the Community center (the one where Pierre and Jojamart owner Morris have either a fist fight or the boycotting Jojamart thing), well Jojamart closes down that day, and you can no longer enter Jojamart, but Shane is still working inside Jojamart (his schedule for the day didn't change, even though the community center was completed). I confirmed this by using UIinfoSuite mod and verified that Shane is inside the abandoned Jojamart.

    Gifts bug: I'm sure this has been posted already, but I'll say it because it annoyed me throughout the playthrough. The weekly gift limit of two is reached after giving just two gifts, even though one of the gifts was given on the persons birthday. Example: I gave Gus a gift on Monday (Its his birthday). This did NOT visually count towards the gift limit, checking in the heart tab in the E menu showed that I had given 0 out of 2 gifts to Gus. But after giving a gift on Tuesday, I can't give a gift to Gus on Wednesday, even though it shows that I've given only 1 out of 2 gifts in the heart tab.
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