Massive Build: Temple-Site and Underwater-Super-Structure

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  1. SallyOfDeath

    SallyOfDeath Void-Bound Voyager

    Hey Starbounder!
    This is my first post and approximately the longest I will ever create. It’s about a huge project I’ve been working on:
    An Underwater-Super-Structure.

    No /admin mode for crafting/construction used.
    No Mods.
    No RAM left.


    Click to open:

    I took me ~40 hours to search, collect and craft materials. The hardest part was to farm Sticks of RAM, because they seem so super rare and I needed massive amounts of these. I spend ~60 more hours to construct this piece of jewelry. Of course this comprehends a lot of experimental engineering. Another ~10 hours were needed on niceties. I would like to add much more details, but Starbound.exe consumes up to 6 GB of RAM right now, and fatal errors became an issue. That’s why I had to stop at this point.

    I installed A LOT of basic and semi-advanced wiring. Thereby I tried to create relaxing or stirring light dispositions and automated/intelligent elevators, air locks, shut downs, alarms. For Examples see here:
    upload_2016-8-23_11-14-33.png upload_2016-8-23_11-14-42.png upload_2016-8-23_11-14-44.png

    I did not use admin mode, except for visualizing (/fullbright command) and to create very few, unobtainable items (e.g.: cascading lava tank). Also I did not use any mods- this is Vanilla. It’s important to me, because that’s what this game is about. To explore a generic universe, explore new technologies, crafting and creating. I could have saved maybe ~60 hours by using the admin mode, but I had tons of fun. Anyways I recommend using admin mod if you want to participate in the ‘build of the week’ contest, because it’s easier to finish in time then.

    Obviously I created a lot of background construction to reflect realistic conditions in an underwater-base. That’s why there is some significant space in the base that the player is unable to enter. I don’t know if this idea meets the aesthetical taste of the community, but I chose this elaborate design over a ‘naked’ connection of single chambers/rooms.
    Also: not sure about my English. Have mercy.

    It’s made up of seven sectors:

    #1 Temple: The surface starts with a small port for our boat. After walking west, you will reach an ancient temple site. During the night the character can enjoy the chilling light ambience. If you keep going west you will reach a wooden barn. Mossy, solid roofing and a small pasturage - perfect to house chicken, Mooshi and Flufallos. If you go back to the temple you will notice a single door, leading to the supposed temple basement.

    #2 Registrations and Farm: The entrance to the actual base is hidden in the temple basement. After using some elevators, you will enter a lobby meant for visitor registration. You can pass this area and use another elevator to head east. There you’ll find a small kitchen, with some robot hens above. Right next to it follows a huge part of the base: The Farm. It’s basically a massive spherical greenhouse, with controllable decorative growth lamps, fluorescent lights and an essential sprinkler system. There is even a small field for aquatic plant in its lower depths. Notice the curved support beams in the background- makes it more realistic.

    #3 Living area: On the left-hand site of the farm and in the lower levels follows a runty living area. Six beds, a lounge, shower and restrooms, a dressing room, a ward and a cafeteria could offer some space for demanding tenants. I removed the colony deeds for better performance.

    #4 Crafting: If you keep moving downwards, you will find some compact rooms meant for crafting and storing materials. There you’ll find anything of importance.

    #5 Warehousing and Biome: After further heading down and using the elevator-tower you will enter another big area of this complex. On the right side comes a biome, consisting of two spherical glass-structures. The left side of the biome offers space to play with your pet dog, the right side seems more like a jungle. It even has a healing wellspring! Tamed glowing monsters fly around, spending another chilling light source. Maybe you’ll notice the crane, which belongs to a large construction site. You can leave the base through an airlock.
    On the left side of the elevator comes a large warehouse with lots and lots of storage. There you’ll find a tungsten lever, which will uncover a secret door after activation. This basement stores a big collection of fossils and some other interesting findings. The player can also relax in a comfortable lounge.

    #6 Zoo: If you leave the warehouse through another airlock you will reach a separate construction with an automated vertical entrance. After passing through, the character discovers a neat zoo for studying critters.

    #7 The Core: You can keep going down, where you will start a journey to the planets core. A ridiculously long elevator takes you down. This will take some time… But the way is worth the time, because right at the core you’ll spot an arcade court and a bar. Cheers!
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  2. MetalArrow

    MetalArrow Subatomic Cosmonaut

    How long did this take?
  3. SallyOfDeath

    SallyOfDeath Void-Bound Voyager

    ~110 hours (Survival Mode)
  4. MetalArrow

    MetalArrow Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I salute you.
  5. Aegis J Hyena

    Aegis J Hyena Existential Complex

    Geez, 6 GB? I wasn't aware starbound could eat THAT much memory... wow.
  6. Omegagreen

    Omegagreen Starship Captain

  7. Gunther_the_Apex

    Gunther_the_Apex Phantasmal Quasar

    Very Impressive, Question can you rate my Long term project the City Elysia

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