RELEASED Maru White Skin

Discussion in 'Characters' started by diippyjas, Mar 8, 2016.

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  1. irrimn

    irrimn Pangalactic Porcupine

    Any chance that you are going to work on a overworld sprite for this as well / not just a portrait mod? I would install this but it would be immersion breaking from them to not match.
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    • cunnyform

      cunnyform Space Hobo

      Yeah, I'm sure those black or mixed race people are so delicate they need you to argue on their behalf. I can only imagine the irreparable trauma they'll receive when they see someone recolored the already modded version of a mixed race character to be white.
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      • Sodyaler

        Sodyaler Scruffy Nerf-Herder

        Someone needs to re-texture all the brown chickens white to see if that starts a useless debate. Don't use it if you don't like it. You have a choice to make your own character of a different race, so what's the big deal? The ones pointing out race are the ones that need to get with the times. No body cares if you white, black, asian, native, or any other race any more. The only reason racism still exists is because of the people that make a big deal about it.
        • Arnell

          Arnell Void-Bound Voyager

          this, i think its great to have the sprite recolored too.
          • TheFool

            TheFool Astral Cartographer

            as was explained earlier, different strokes for different folks.
            some might want her to look more like her mother, some might find it more pleasing with the anime portraits color pallete and art style, some might literally be racist. but it's something that differs from person to person. the points of mods in general is to make something you like, and make it available for other people who might also enjoy it for their own reasons.
            applying anything grander to it is asking too much of a mod for a video game imo.

            singleplayer game, do what you want is what i say. mod all the characters into trees for all i care if that's where someone gets more enjoyment from.
            • BlushingCreep

              BlushingCreep Phantasmal Quasar

              Because that's how the world is, in reality. Racially diverse.

              Honestly, this back and forth is sickening. I don't mind if some of the MANY white characters are modded to offer more racial diversity because that's truer to real life. If the modder had offered other race-changing mods of other characters, I wouldn't have been as inclined to comment. I don't care if people make mods wherein the women are super busty, or the men are super feminine. I don't care if characters' genders are swapped or bent. What I care about is the fact that this character who was DESIGNED to have DARKER SKIN because she is the child of a black man and a white being modded to look 'white.'

              And, earlier, it was stated that the portrait offered in this mod in no way looks 100% caucasian. No, because anime-style art naturally leans toward Asian-Caucasian features. But, if you took the picture and showed it to someone who didn't know Maru and asked them, "What do you think her race is?" They certainly wouldn't say mixed race. That's the point.
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              • sirnarwhalz

                sirnarwhalz Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                Come here to see if any cool new mods have shown up, end up seeing people argue about the skin color of a video game character, good times.
                • TheFool

                  TheFool Astral Cartographer

                  oh, didn't notice you responded since it was an edit.
                  look, it's a forum. you posted an apparently controversial opinion that people both agreed and disagreed with. i'm asking for clarification on the specific things you meant, not break them down, because it contradicts the attitude or intent you say you have, as i outlined in my post.

                  i'm not looking for a "draw" - or a win, or a loss. this isn't a competition as political arguments are often veiled as. i'm legitimately curious on some things(i.e. why this is an issue, and not the alex mod? what you meant by the quotes i mentioned?), and trying to explain things you yourself found perplexing(why people were disagreeing with you), yet your response is a rude "i didn't ask for your opinion!" blow off. i'm debating the assumptions you make, but also asking for verification on your own points to better understand them. if you think i'm viewing this as a win or lose 'debate' you're highly over stating the importance i place on forum politics.
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                  • ShinAsakura

                    ShinAsakura Void-Bound Voyager

                    I dont understand this BlushingCreep, it´s trying to be a SJW or its just trolling?

                    So you have the freedom to call racist whatever mod you want, but no one have the freedom to edit the characters as they like? Everything in this world must be done following your moral codes?
                    Look if someone make a mod making all stardew valley into mexicans, chineses, afro or whatever not causasian, is that racist for causasian? No. But if someone make all causasian characters in a game, the game is racist. How that makes any sense, thats just hypocrisy and every petty argument you are saying can be throw back at you, cause your very existence seems to be a problem, you must be a very annoying person tilting because of everything.

                    Your freedoms ends with the starts of others freedom.

                    So let the guy do whatever he wants, hes not being racist, hes just editing a character in the way he likes and others like, just like when you create your character. I created my character causasian, so I´m a racist also?.

                    Someone must just ban SJWs, they are making our world oversensitive.
                    • Cruxador

                      Cruxador Poptop Tamer

                      Isolated farm villages usually aren't so much.

                      There's really no reason to care. An aesthetic change like this is not really offensive, certainly not compared to forcing all people of mixed race to conform to your personal expectation for what it means to be mixed.

                      I'm mixed and it doesn't effect me personally either. But the attitude certain other people are having about how a mixed person MUST be are definitely something that causes a real problem. Not here, because it's the internet so who even cares, but it's an attitude that exists in real life too.
                      • BlushingCreep

                        BlushingCreep Phantasmal Quasar

                        I think my previous answer made this clearer, why I don't mind the Alex mod.

                        It's unfortunate that you felt offended by what I said. I was simply being literal. I didn't, in fact, ask your opinion when you stated that I should expect others to offer their counterpoints. I'm only trying to make my comments understood.

                        To ShinAsakura, wow. I won't even respond to that mess.

                        To Cruxador, though... Just because a game is a small town, idyllic setting doesn't mean that racial diversity shouldn't be praised or encouraged. In the least.

                        To EVERYONE: I am NOT saying that the modder cannot do whatever he wants. I am NOT telling anyone what to do or what not to do. I am simply sharing my opinion. I have no power over anyone and don't purport to. This whole situation is toxic and ugly.
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                        • ShinAsakura

                          ShinAsakura Void-Bound Voyager

                          I´m mixed too, and I dont have a problem living among german blonde, blue eyes people. Or playing a game with all characters like that. And some of my best friends are more "dark" than Maru, and they doesnt have o problem with this mod, really I ask them if they saw this as racist, and they answer "No".
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                          • sunbean

                            sunbean Void-Bound Voyager

                            BlushingCreep, as a mixed person I personally dislike this mod as well (not to add the fact that it's a recolor of someone else's work) and find it a bit offensive, but there's no need to go attacking the creator over their choice. Especially not when they aren't around to defend themselves.

                            People can do whatever they want to their game, in whatever way they want. ConcernedApe didn't modify the game himself to make this apply to everyone, it'll only affect those who want it. I don't judge people for their preferences because we all have them.
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                            • ShinAsakura

                              ShinAsakura Void-Bound Voyager

                              Yeah sure... its because its a mess. Sorry if im not very good with english im from south america, you racist england knight of the queen. (?)
                              See very easy to tilt about something.

                              And you arent offended by hispanic alex mod? I find that more offensive (not like I care), cause people just generalize ethnics into stereotypes, like every people that talks spanish is a mexican taco eater, when spanish is one of the most talked languages of the world, and many countries talks it besides mexican
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                              • nprudym

                                nprudym Void-Bound Voyager

                                Dang! I like this mod! :) Thanks so much for adding this, and putting your time and effort into giving us players more options in gameplay! Don't listen to the complaints, there's nothing morally wrong with changing the skin tone of an imaginary character xD
                                • Cruxador

                                  Cruxador Poptop Tamer

                                  You presented it aggressively from the start, and it was a dumb opinion. As you've kept arguing, you've made it apparent that your reasons for holding the opinion are bigotry. You're entitled to have an opinion, but it shouldn't be surprising when people take offense to you sharing an opinion like this.
                                  • Fawnd

                                    Fawnd Void-Bound Voyager

                                    Maybe my wording wasn't the best in my argument, but I am completely aware that this isn't actually a race mod. It's a skin color mod. The implications behind the need for a mod to change the skin color of one of the few darker skinned characters is more of what I was attempting to address.

                                    I agree with you that this isn't a mod made to make the entirety of the village white, but with there only being two characters with darker skin it seems a bit unfair at least. Plus mods that lighten skin don't tend to stay as singular events so there is still a possibility that if one person thought to do it then another might think to change Demetrius to be light skinned to match. Now I mean, I'll try to assume that people won't because he is implicitly black unlike Maru, but in my experience that really hasn't deterred people in the past...

                                    Again, I'm not sure if my wording is really doing the argument I'm trying to raise justice. I'm fully aware that she isn't a real person and that technically anything I say on the matter isn't relevant because again, this is fiction and the mod itself exists in fiction since it isn't a canon sprite made by the creators of the game. But I never did say she couldn't be white, just that the developers made the decision to give her dark skin instead. Now that might not mean much since I see no problem with people editing other things in the game (thank god for the easier fishing mod). People can change what they want in the game if it's what best fits the changes they would like to make to their gaming experience. My main problem I have is what changes like these usually imply.
                                    She could relate more with her white half, but as you stated the game actually doesn't address race at all (from what I've seen at least, I will take your word on it since I am only on my second summer). There are most definitely people who are mixed race but look more like their white half, people who look more like their black half, and people who choose to identify with either side regardless of their appearance. Who am I to say which side of her heritage she can and can't choose to live by? The game doesn't address race of any sort so I guess what she would hypothetically identify closer to is irrelevant though...
                                    Maybe if things were different and racism was completely done away with and people of color (not just people with black skin, anyone who isn't white really) were represented more frequently in media a mod like this wouldn't bother me or other people. Even if we have come a long ways, there's still longer to go. I know that the mod wasn't meant to harm anyone and it all really is about personal reference, but the implications behind lightening a characters skin could still hurt someone's feelings. I know, that probably seems whiny to point out, but really something like this does have an affect on people. That said, I can also understand why people aren't offended by a mod like this as well. We've all lived different lives and have different believes and view points so it's understandable to form different opinions on matters like this.

                                    Regardless, I would like to thank you for being mature with your replies because some people do like to resort to name calling and a fight wasn't what I was looking for. I'll probably stop replying now because it is rather late where I am and I am perfectly aware that I cannot force people to see things the same way I do, nor can I stop people from making mods like this or downloading them.
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                                    • BlushingCreep

                                      BlushingCreep Phantasmal Quasar

                                      I don't know if you've read from the beginning, but I literally only asked the modder why he made this choice. All my further comments have been in response to others' reactions to what I said. I'm not attacking the 'creator' of this recolor mod.

                                      Yes, it's because it's a mess. This is a mess, too. It's bashing, and inaccurate.

                                      It's incredibly clear that you, as a mixed race individual, have a huge chip on your shoulder about how others, in your life perhaps, have tried to enforce what a mixed race individual must look like, or what-have-you. You've been biased against me from the beginning and read what I said as aggressive because of this chip on your shoulder.

                                      I've not been bigoted, in any way, and am fighting against what I see as bigoted rhetoric that keeps spilling out of your fingers. I haven't insulted you or been aggressive in the least. You're angry and that's clear. But, don't put others' evils on me, and don't shove words in my mouth.
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                                      • nprudym

                                        nprudym Void-Bound Voyager

                                        Lol, this made me laugh harder than it should :poke:
                                        • ShinAsakura

                                          ShinAsakura Void-Bound Voyager

                                          Thats not 100% accurate, you did asked why he did it, but after a not offensive post by Campaigner your switch flipped and you became a snowball of crap. And you´re still rolling,
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