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Discussion in 'Characters' started by Cavador, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. Cavador

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    Hello. I made a Stardew Valley mod for me and a friend, and thought I might as well share it with other players.

    I like the Maru Resprite by Galebourn mod, but although the portraits are perfectly fine, s/he seems to have just recoloured her field view sprite.

    The one I made is of the same version of Maru as Galebourn's portrait version, but I completely remade the sprite. I used screencaps from the Stardew Valley dev blog as my source for the front and side views, and worked from there. I tested this mod and it seemed fine, let me know if you notice any problems in the uncommon animations (marriage, flower dance, etc).

    While I am an illustrator, I'm relatively new to sprite art, so please tell me if you think something looks weird. I also got rid of the bow-leggedness that most of the character sprites have... my apologies if you preferred it. :) It makes her stand out from the other NPCs so I'm thinking of going through and editing the rest to have more normal leg stance...

    Download here

    Hospital Maru is UNTESTED, should work but please notify me of glitches



    I am also working on a resprite of Elliott, along with an older portrait of his that I haven't seen anyone else using in a mod. I couldn't find the source files for his various expressions so I had to draw them in myself, based on the Fabio ingame version... again, let me know if you think they look weird at all. :)

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    • burland

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      is there any chance you could make a version with the shirt color from her very first portrait?
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      • GosuGian

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        Download not available
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        • PuzzlePrism

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          Looks great but just seconding that the link is broken for me, too. Can't wait to use it, though!
          • Declension

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            I wasn't going after Maru because of her bland boring short lifeless hair.. But I might download this, and get Maru's other portrait of her long wavy hair~
            • Pyrii

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              • burland

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                check Cavador's profile. he included this mod with another mod that alters both Elliot and Maru's sprites, but you could just delete Elliot's files if you dont wish to use them :)
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                • Cavador

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                • Galebourn

                  Galebourn Title Not Found

                  Looks pretty good. If you want, you can bundle my Maru portraits with your download.

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