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Maru and Penny Shareing same spot bench

Discussion in 'Support' started by Enlonwhite, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. Enlonwhite

    Enlonwhite Space Hobo

    So, I married Maru by the first year, and such, but as soon as the second year started in spring and summer I would walk by the Community Center bench and sometimes see a graphic flip between Maru and Penny sharing the same spot on the Bench next to the Community Center.

    Now this isnt game breaking, and it usually defualts to Penny when interacting...usually. But i find it odd that my wife, Maru, and Penny are "Sharing the exact spot in the game when characters usually cannot exist in the same spot as each other. (maybe its a lap sitting thing, IDK)

    Either way, I feel this may be a schedule or such bug, a minor thing.

    If i posted in the wrong section I am sorry, new to the forums, picked what area made sense to me.

    I tried uploading a Snap shot, by saving it in Paint but it says the files too big sorry.

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