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    What would it be like to romance a Vampire or a Mermaid in Stardew Valley?

    It would obviously have to be a late-game option meaning in turn it would have to be challenging and in turn incredibly rewarding be it in story or in profit.

    If I've captured your interest feel free to read on for more details.

    All of them would be complete game changers and all of these ideas are meant to involve some kind of sacrifice in exchange for gratuitous rewards.

    My ideas include Vampire, Mermaid, Psychic, Junimo/Forest child, Fairy and Werewolf. If you have some of your own I'd love to read about them.

    For now I'm only going to explain one of them to give you an idea of how these characters might work

    The vampire would turn your farm type into the Wilderness map and require the basement to be built. They would be available through befriending the Witch and maybe having their own area like the Witch's Swamp and would only be awake at night making their schedule the first obstacle to winning their affections. They would also hate any items that are percieved as "positive" so that would include things like flowers and fruits and of course most food items as vampires feed off blood of course. Speaking of which, you would propose to your Bloody Buddy by sacrificing an existing spouse and any children you might have.

    What? You didn't think marrying an undead creature wouldn't have consequences did you? The witch would replace them with a puppet version of themselves that would follow their routine but not really... Do much else. They wouldn't be befriendable and upon talking to them they would just say "Hello." or "..." they wouldn't even accept gifts and their birthday would be erased. People in town would remark that something seems different about them and it would essentially be like divorcing them... Permanently.

    In return however, you could ask your Draculove to turn into a bat for the day and accompany you in your inventory while you go to a dangerous place like the mines. They could be activated from your inventory to go around killing enemies and healing you sporadically. They could even find the ladders for you or say if there's a rare or valuable item on that floor.

    In the mornings (when you wake up from your shared coffin in the basement) where a regular spouse would give you a coffee or say they fixed the fences, Vampy would give you rare or unique items they stole from their Zuzu city dwelling victim in the last night's hunt. They would say they used some dark magic to water all the crops, feed and pet the animals, clear debris and harvest everything into a chest for you to pick up at your leisure.

    I don't know if this would be enough to justify the effort it would take to marry them in the first place but that's the beauty of throwing it to the forums I guess.

    If you think this seems like a good idea and want to read more please tell me in the replies and let's talk about this!
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      This could be fun! I've been reminded once or twice of the harvest goddess and witch princess marriage options of Harvest Moon, and I hope if CA continues to add characters, he adds a few more magical beings. That would also be useful for adding more storyline for the whole town, for example it could be a huge deal when willy and elliott find a stranded mermaid on the beach, or a cute zombie boy wanders into town and scares the bejeebus out of Linus. :p
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      • IdeaChild

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        Hey, maybe you could even choose whether to help them become a part of Pelican Town or to become more of a part of their world. For example letting the zombie bite you or somehow teaching it to eat vegetables
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          Last time I tried doing that:

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            this would be amazing, so far my favorite characters in the game are non-marriageable, I absolutely find Krobus, Dwarf, and the Wizard to be my favorite to interact with, mermaids, vampires, werewolves, and zombies. Yup sign me up.

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