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Bug/Issue Marnie Cave Carrot Quest - Game Crashing

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mysterillie, Jun 21, 2018.

  1. raamonp

    raamonp Space Hobo

    Thank's a lot <3
    • Shinjinru

      Shinjinru Space Hobo

      Thanks blorp, ur the best !!! :)
      • koalafaces

        koalafaces Space Hobo

        Using blorp's solution as a guide I fixed it on my Mac. Here's the file I used - unzip it and copy it to /Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/Stardew Valley/Contents/Resources/Content/Data/Events and hopefully it'll work for you!

        This is only for the English version - if you'd like it done for other languages let me know and I'll do that too!

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        • Erylaria

          Erylaria Space Hobo

          Tried both fixes (thank you!) on Linux and didn't have any luck with it (obviously, but I still wanted to try).
          Any ideas for Linux yet?
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          • Zurakne

            Zurakne Void-Bound Voyager

            Another "Thanks blorp" post
            • jayprates

              jayprates Space Hobo

              Another "Thanks blorp" post +1
              • artekitty

                artekitty Space Hobo

                Thank you soooo much for the tip on how to fix it Blorp! worked awesomely ^_^
                • Ajajane

                  Ajajane Void-Bound Voyager

                  I haven't tried it yet but the waves of thanks leave me with hope. Thank you. You are a wonderful human.
                  • 11eLeVeN11

                    11eLeVeN11 Space Hobo

                    You are amazing! Thank you, this was stressing em out!
                    • Rubyy

                      Rubyy Space Hobo

                      Having this issue too :(
                      • captdaf

                        captdaf Space Hobo

                        Thanks Blorp, worked a treat. :)
                        • Rubyy

                          Rubyy Space Hobo

                          Does it overright just the file and nothing else?
                          • Devonte24

                            Devonte24 Space Hobo

                            Dude thanks so much <3!!!!!!!!!!!!
                            • Blorp

                              Blorp Big Damn Hero

                              The only thing changed from the original files is the removal of an unused obsolete value from one event, which was causing the crash.
                              • howdybrother

                                howdybrother Space Hobo

                                holy fuck thank you so much man, worked like a charm
                                • k4rk

                                  k4rk Space Hobo

                                  Works like a charm. Thank you Blorp!!!! You're a lifesaver! I crashed in this cutscene at least 5 times. Twice in multiplayer and thrice in singleplayer. :D
                                  • x405xarmsdealer

                                    x405xarmsdealer Space Hobo

                                    Is there a potential fix for the windows version that isn't a mod?
                                    • cave carrot

                                      cave carrot Space Hobo

                                      not all heroes wear capes
                                      • Blorp

                                        Blorp Big Damn Hero

                                        This has been fixed officially in 1.3.22. Anyone still crashing at this carrot event should make sure they're running the latest version.
                                        And in case anyone is wondering, the official fixed files are identical to mine.
                                        • Ast3rix

                                          Ast3rix Space Hobo

                                          Sir you have my salute coz it worked!

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