Map Extenstion, The Fern Islands.

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  1. Samu_San

    Samu_San Void-Bound Voyager

    I love Stardew Valley so much but for me the map is a bit small and it would be fun later in the game to have a new area not just places like the calico desert or the secret forest.
    I think that once the player has finished repairing the Community Center there will be a cutscene where Willy talks about where he comes from Fern Islands and that he is opening a ferry to the fern islands. This will act like the bus to Calico desert, pay 500 gold to travel across the gem sea to the Fern Islands ( Which has an entire new map) . Fern Islands will be a place which you explore, fight, meet new characters and stay overnight. This will expand the story and give another interesting thing to do in Stardew Valley.

    P.S There will be new crops you can buy, fuirniture and new farm buildings.
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