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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Monijir, Nov 6, 2015.

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    Originally posted about this in /modding but I may be updating frequently and thought this may be a better place to talk to myself.

    So I've decided to go through with implementing TileD for Starbound. I'm a pretty terrible coder but I've got loads of free time and it's been a great learning experience so far. I'd like to implement as many features as I can glark from the existing files. Trying to stick to lua scripts. The goal generating editor assets and templates dynamically, so we'll always have support for new content and mods. (And sharing the functionality without distributing Chucklefish's content)

    As of 11.4.15 it can pull pieces from material textures to image files; they look great in editor. Output is arranged to enable the viewing of Starbound's official maps; also editing with some gotchas. Additionally, TileD tile set files and full tile set images are generated for each tile category with all necessary data to start making maps from scratch.

    Editing a brand new map/Tileset images/Script/Gameplay
    Viewing vanilla maps with either compressed or csv data
    First successfully edited and loaded vanilla map

    For now rule type brushes (anchors etc) work by assigning properties to tiles from within the editor. I'd like to create a tile set that includes the most popular / useful brushes out of the box, as the format is a bit different from old .dungeon brushes. After that it's back to parsing the included maps and seeing what else is doable.

    ~~feedback request~~
    I'd like to hear from anyone who has experience making map content for Starbound, especially experience of the tried-to-make-my-idea-but-got-frustrated-and-gave-up variety. What's the minimum feature set for a viable editor setup? What are the most tedious / inconvenient aspects of making maps? How much learning would you be willing to invest in something like this ; readme file, tutorial, code comments?

    TLDR; setting a map editor up to work with Starbound - want opinions - don't leave me hangin'
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    Moved thread back to modding section - the area of your forum doesn't in all technicalities exist.
    Its an auto generated section of the forum which is used by the resource plugin of the forum software.

    Locking since its basically a duplicate of other thread also.
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