Suggestion Map Editor: Add pre-existing assets to Map Editor / Cutscene Editor.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by EricPlus, Feb 12, 2019.

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    Good evening.

    I've noticed during my time through Wargroove's campaign that, while a large portion of the assets used in the "Wargroove" Campaign are available to use in the Map Editor / Cutscene editor, not everything is. Here is everything I could find in the "Wargroove" Campaign that is used, but not available to players in the Map Editor / Cutscene editor.
    • Volcano biome / tileset. (Which has Cutscene backgrounds for Volcanic Plain / Volcanic Road)
    • Volcano map object.
    • Event Action to play a sound effect with Dialogue Boxes
    • Portrait art for soldiers of Cherrystone and Outlaw factions.
    • Cutscene Editor Actors for empty ships (Mission when introducing naval units has this.)
    If any of these are 'unlockables', please let me know. I've yet to complete the "Wargroove" Campaign's final mission due to the star requirement. Please let me know if there are any plans to include these "on-disk assets" for player use.

    I've noticed on a different topic about the randomization of hair color and skin tone. I would like to put in a second "chip" to that idea, as having the option to choose which would benefit those wishing to make characters of specific units. This would extend to the Cutscene Editor, where skin tone and hair color is also randomized by default.

    Thank you.

    Edit: From a livestream from earlier today (February 14th, 2019), the developers mentioned that they haven't given users the Volcano biome because the rivers and seas don't act like lava, and water units still have 'blue ripples' as if they were partially submerged into blue water. I understand the idea and I respect the decision. If it is possible in the future, I would still like the lava biome despite this limitation.
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      As far as I know, there aren't any unlockables that are strictly for the editor, so no, none of those things are available to the player yet. That's not even all of the things either, the feature to have dialogue come from off screen, and all of the animations for the soldier carrying the crown are unavailable as well, and possibly even more than that.

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