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    Since SBSE has been offline for quite some time, I've noticed a lot of people have had difficulty creating custom colored items for their Starbound characters.
    There ARE programs available to change the unpacked items in the game, but what about clothing?

    Therein lies the problem. There are currently NO programs available for modding clothes!
    Now, I'm not here to give you a magical mod. I'm here to teach you how to mod yourself some brand new colorful garb.

    ::The Basics of "/spawnitem"::

    I'm sure you're all familiar with the /spawnitem command. In fact, I'm sure you've even seen the directives code available on the Starbound Wiki as well! The objective of this post is to show you how to utilize that code to recolor your own items, so let's get started.

    First, you'll need Starcheat. This program will allow you to view the base color of items.


    The following code is an example of the directive replace code and is an EXCELLENT template for recoloring basic items!
    I've taken the liberty color-coding the text. Colors range from the darkest replaced, to the lightest.
    /spawnitem ITEMNAME 1 '{"directives":"?replace;6f2919=YOURCOLOR;a85636=YOURCOLOR;e0975c=YOURCOLOR;ffca8a=YOURCOLOR"}'

    Now, you can take it a step further! Do you want to recolor something that isn't that "orange-ish" color? Add your own parameters!

    By simply adding ;ITEMCOLOR=YOURCOLOR to the end of the string and filling in the details, you can do just that.

    For remapping non-remappable areas, I suggest using a program such as Gimp or Paint.net to obtain the non-remappable pixel's HTML color code.


    Once you've obtained the code of the non-remappable area, use it to replace ITEMCOLOR in the above code, and you're all set! Then just add the color you want to replace it with and viola! Custom colored items!

    ::"Difficult" Items Database::

    Below are some codes for items that are difficult to recolor and require custom directive strings. This is a WIP and I'll add them as I complete them.

    Demon Horn Wig -Hair Skin Horns- (From Darkest to Lightest tone)
    /spawnitem demonhornshead 1 '{"directives":"?replace;320c40=YOURCOLOR;6a2284=YOURCOLOR;a451c4=YOURCOLOR;7b5b72=YOURCOLOR;c597bc=YOURCOLOR;eabde9=YOURCOLOR;151515=YOURCOLOR;4a4a4a=YOURCOLOR;787878=YOURCOLOR"}'
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  2. Oberic

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    This is a very useful guide. I had to figure it out through experimentation and the wiki.

    I made alternate sets of custom colored armor with this method, it really works!
    For those wondering, this will work on any armor/clothing as long as you have the first colors correct.

    I wonder if this method works with furniture..
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  3. Nano Charat

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    This absolutely DOES work with furniture. If you can spawn it, you can color edit it!
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  4. Errors4l

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    I made a quick tool that compares the colors on two image files, and generates a directives string to convert A to B.
    Basically, instead of manually copying each color code and forming a directives string yourself, you'd just recolor a copy of the original file and drag both the original and the new image onto the application.
    It's no SBSE of course, but some might find this more convenient than the manual process.

    You can find the tool at https://github.com/Silverfeelin/Starbound-DirectiveGenerator/
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