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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by OldPants101, Jul 13, 2018.

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    First time poster to the forums although I made this account a while back and kinda forgot about it...
    I've been wanting to make a mod for Starbound for sometime as a way to see how modding works but also maybe start making my own mods if things go smoothly. I wanted to start somewhat simple and make a hair mod, various hair styles for each race which are designed around said race. I've already drawn the designs that I wanted to make it just actually making them for Starbound. As a beginner to mod making I wanted to ask these questions:

    1.) Are Photoshop and/or Clip Studio good programs to use for pixel art?
    2.) How do I make the hair designs programmed to only be available to each certain race as designed?
    3.) Will it be a good idea to have another version of Starbound to test this and future mods?
    4.) Is there a way to animate the hair in any way? I know vanilla hair didn't have any animations but I have a few designs that would work great if they were.

    I hope to get along with everyone and create some mods of my own to add to the pile of so many great mods!
    Any advice and information will be appreciated :)
  2. Nexus Of Chaos

    Nexus Of Chaos Parsec Taste Tester

    1: Photoshop yes, the other idk
    2: species files:
    "genders" : [
          "name" : "male",
          "image" : "/interface/title/male.png",
          "characterImage" : "/interface/title/humanmale.png",
    ----->"hair" : [ "male1", "male2", "male3", "male4", "male5", "male6", "male7", "male8", "male9", "male10", "male11", "male12", "male13", "male14", "male15", "male16", "male17", "male18", "male19", "male21", "male22", "male23", "male24", "male25", "male26", "male27", "male28", "male29", "male30", "male31", "male32", "male33", "male34", "male35", "male36", "male37", "male38", "male39", "male40", "male41", "male42", "male43", "male44", "male45", "male46", "male47", "male48", "male49", "male50", "male51", "male52", "male53", "male54", "male55", "male56", "male57", "male58", "male59", "male60", "male61", "male62", "male63", "male64" ],
          "shirt" : [ "workoutchest", "coolchest", "conceptchest", "sweatervestchest", "hoodiechest", "hoodiechest2", "protectorateshirtchest", "protectoratevestchest" ],
          "pants" : [ "workoutlegs", "coollegs", "conceptlegs", "sweatervestlegs", "jeans1legs", "jeans2legs", "jeans3legs" ],
          "facialHairGroup" : "",
          "facialHair" : [ ],
          "facialMaskGroup" : "",
          "facialMask" : [ ]
          "name" : "female",
          "image" : "/interface/title/female.png",
          "characterImage" : "/interface/title/humanfemale.png",
    ----->"hair" : [ "fem1", "fem2", "fem3", "fem4", "fem5", "fem6", "fem7", "fem8", "fem9", "fem10", "fem11", "fem12", "fem13", "fem14", "fem15", "fem16", "fem17", "fem18", "fem19", "fem20", "fem21", "fem22", "fem23", "fem24", "fem25", "fem26", "fem27", "fem28", "fem29", "fem30", "fem31", "fem32", "fem33", "fem34", "fem35", "fem36", "fem37", "fem38", "fem39", "fem40", "fem41", "fem42", "fem43", "fem44", "fem45", "fem46", "fem47", "fem48", "fem49", "fem50", "fem51", "fem52", "fem53", "fem54", "fem55", "fem56", "fem57", "fem58", "fem59", "fem60", "fem61", "fem62", "fem63", "fem64" ],
          "shirt" : [ "workoutchest", "coolchest", "conceptchest", "sweatervestchest", "hoodiechest", "hoodiechest2", "protectorateshirtchest", "protectoratevestchest" ],
          "pants" : [ "workoutlegs", "coollegs", "conceptlegs", "sweatervestlegs", "jeans1legs", "jeans2legs", "jeans3legs" ],
          "facialHairGroup" : "",
          "facialHair" : [ ],
          "facialMaskGroup" : "",
          "facialMask" : [ ]
    3: assuming you mean another copy of starbound, it wouldn't hurt, but it wouldn't hurt not to either
    4: afaik no. tho if any1 ever comes up with a way to animate anything other than arms, body, sleeves, or pants, I'm definitely going to get it
  3. The | Suit

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    From a person who used photoshop for years, I can tell you it is perfectly possible to use photoshop.

    Though honestly it is not ideal.

    Chucklefish Artists and many Pixel Game Artists use

    Older versions of Asperite which don't have all the advanced features of the new one are completely free.

    Graphics Gale is an old program which used to be really popular in the day.

    An Even Older program that was popular. Grfx2

    The 2 old programs don't support PNG with transparencies directly. So you may need to convert it to PNG with transparent background in another application.
  4. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The Waste of Time

    #3 You can use the "Unstable" version listed in steam as your testing platform. It is exactly the same as the regular version right now.

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