Making monsters special.

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    First, greetings community :D

    Secondly don't get me wrong, the monster randomization system is awesome and makes some very cool looking monsters. It is very nice to travel to another planet and find different monsters you can't predict. Monsters are already special... but they can be more.

    I am not aware any of the following were implemented, so you can tell me to shut up if I'm talking nonsense xD

    I'm talking about some special traits, perks and behaviors of monsters.

    By that I mean, some monsters having different sighting radius, or very different walking speed, some may fear the darkness or light, some will be attracted or will avert some item or block. Some would vary greatly in size among its race or maybe play around in bodies of water. Some would jump from tree to tree and so on.

    These kinds of special behavior, randomized together with the monster appearance and skills. Man, my mind would blow the time I noticed some nasty night monster is afraid of fire, or that a monster can't see me when I'm still.

    Hope it helps ;3
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    Johnnyloo Void-Bound Voyager

    yeah, that would be pretty cool, huh? Imagine the possibilities:
    You're playing with your friends in a world you've been for some time already and, when you guys find some monster, you warn them: He's afraid of lights.
    That would be badass. Like, the seasoned survivor, you know? xD
    Maybe some kind of predatory chain would be cool too.
    And while we're at it, why not monsters able to walk on vertical surfaces, fish monsters that fight back and maybe even those digging monsters terraria style.

    There is so much that can be done with this game.
    I just hope the code god hear my prayers ;3

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