Making money in 1.0?

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  1. xXSunSlayerXx

    xXSunSlayerXx Cosmic Narwhal

    I'm sure this has been asked and answered in a number of places already, but the problem with early access games is that they make it impossible to ever find up-to-date information on anything via google.
    So, here it goes:
    How do you actually make money in 1.0?
    I just beat the final boss and want to start getting creative, but for that I might have to get some more cash to buy furniture in bulks. However, I can't seem to find any sensible way of making money:
    -Quests never give you anything worthwhile
    -Farming might have worked, but then the devs decided to make farming products take up an entire inventory slot, rendering large farms infeasible. plus, there doesn't seem to be a way to reliably get any crops.
    -Fluffaloes seem like a good option, but they would probably take dozens of hours to pay for themselves, so I have problems financing a huge amount of them.

    Any ideas?
  2. RinneHellscythe

    RinneHellscythe Lucky Number 13

    There are many ways.

    - Personally, I use farming. There are only around 4 stackable crops which are Rice, Wheat, Cocoa and Sugar.

    Personally I would gray out Wheat and Sugar because you need to replant them after harvest. That would leave out Rice and Cocoa. Rice has a base value of 60, while Cocoa has a base value of 90. Cocoa should be the better crop right? Actually, Cocoa takes up 2 blocks while Rice only takes up 1 block. If we consider the value per block Rice would get 120 and Cocoa remains at 90. In this case Rice crops are currently the best for farming pixels.

    40 Rice seeds should yield around 2k pixels every 45 minutes. Yeah, not much, but if you expand your farm to 200 Rice that would be a whopping 10k every 45 minutes.

    - The second viable choice is building colonies on high tier planets. Dark planets give at least 300 pixels per rent, and pixels as rent have a 50% chance of appearing. If you have 10 tenants in a Dark planet that would amount to an average of 1500 pixels every 15-30 minutes.

    - The other viable choices would be looting planets and refining ores mined from asteroid fields.

    Also, Flufallos are not viable pixel farms especially if you take into account how much an egg would cost.

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  3. xXSunSlayerXx

    xXSunSlayerXx Cosmic Narwhal

    is there any way to actually get that many seeds reliably? walking around planets for ages and punching the ground doesn't seem appealing to me...
    Also, i didn't know you could get rent from tenants. that sound like a decent idea actually, now i just need to find a high level USMC prison to repurpose :nuruawe:
  4. RinneHellscythe

    RinneHellscythe Lucky Number 13

    Unfortunately the only reliable way of obtaining seeds is by rushing through planets. Yeah, pretty bs.

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  5. Shadow20218

    Shadow20218 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    The problem with collecting rent is that the tenants don't always give pixels and will want you to go on quests constantly, good reward bags though. Tip: don't build with wood on volcanic planets, if you intend to make the most money of the tenants on the higher tier planet.
  6. kurisu7885

    kurisu7885 Big Damn Hero

    Coco beans and wheat still stack, so making money on those is still pretty viable.
  7. alextulinov

    alextulinov Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    You could also just keep planting coco and get the compact crops mod,then make chocolate out of the pods which gives more pixels than just the pods
  8. kurisu7885

    kurisu7885 Big Damn Hero

    There are even garden bot mods, said bots will automatically harvest everything and put it in the nearest container.
  9. WildPL

    WildPL Void-Bound Voyager

    My favourite way of getting money is just exploring, playing missions etc. you can do it while waiting for plants to grow, collect them and sell everything for a few thousand pixels.
    Problem is: You won't find something rare EVERYTIME, so money earned varies.
  10. alextulinov

    alextulinov Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Yeah I use those,Bless the creator for making them cost less than a 1000 pixels
  11. kurisu7885

    kurisu7885 Big Damn Hero

    ANy idea how to pick them up and move them? I had one get stuck outside it's designated area
  12. Ablekaine

    Ablekaine Pangalactic Porcupine

    I make my money by exploring planets, no mining or farming materials, simply looting all the surface chests, and structure chests.

    Every planet contains at LEAST one structure, and often two, although some of them are more profitable than others. I've found that the Dark Glitch Castles seem to have the best loot, although this has the tradeoff of them being VERY dangerous-lots of fall damage opportunities, and fairly smart AIs. Human camp sites have always had one, if not two legendary hats. Legendary hats and legendary weapons are my big money makers, the hats sell for 1000 pixels each. You can also find weapons of lesser quality than legendary that sell for decent amounts.
    If you feel that you're wasting a lot of time, try crafting Tropical Punch, it gives you a speed and jump boost that when combined with a Jump tech and Sprint, scoots you over plant surfaces in half the time.

    My rate for money making by this method usually comes around 10k pixels per planet.
  13. Lazarus Mandas

    Lazarus Mandas Void-Bound Voyager

    I just eat asteroids. Tons of minerals!
  14. alextulinov

    alextulinov Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Hit it with a hammer,I'm serious
  15. FireSpark81

    FireSpark81 Void-Bound Voyager

    Best way to make money fast and easy. Atleast that I have found

    There is also this one that contains some passive income generation
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  16. Will Liferider

    Will Liferider Ketchup Robot

    You can try to make a pixel farm. I'm not sure if this will work in 1.0, but this guide worked pretty well for me in past versions.

    You can also set up a colony on a moon. In order to make the erchius ghosts so powerful they had to make the moon tier 10. Since higher tier = better loot from colonists, when they give you pixels it's usually like 500 or more. Just make sure not to carry any erchius on you and build underground to avoid the meteors.
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