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    Hi people, I think that I had a good idea for a change, please don't evaluate the whole concept by the details, because they can be changed and I'm confident that I had a good idea this time :kitten2:

    Fishing may be the worse way of income in Stardew, easily falling behind raw crops, gems or animal goods, not the mention the amount of time that you spend fishing.

    So I tought about this:



    • After you reach lv5 in fishing you receive a letter from Willy, saying that he noticed the progress of your fishing skill and offers to you, his old boat, but it requires to be fixed (It's old after all). Meeting him you triggers a quest, where he says that this boat belonged to his father and have sentimental value, but since youre improved he would be happier in see the boat being used rather than rust in the pier.

    • Then you need to talk with Robin and ask if she could repair the boat for you, she says that she never attempted that but will take the challenge (and for keep all the ingame upgrades in the same place, for gaming convenience).

    • The boat will have two upgrades, first is a old boat and second a motorized boat (with Clint's and Maru help), a required number of Wood and Copper/Iron is required, with Gold as well, maybe the boat could cost between the barn and Deluxe Barn, but the actual value can only come through testing.

    • When you fix the boat, Willy congratulates you and gives to you the old net, usable to catch more than one fish at time, as the net rank improve as the way as the other tools (copper, iron, gold, iridium), the amount of fish that you can catch increases with the quality of the net.

    • You may dig/geode/fish the engine blueprint, then show to Maru or Clint to start a sidequest for improve your boat, the upgrade would include money (of course), Iridium and Battery Packs (maybe also other metals).

    Now that I discussed the lore, there is how the boat and net works:


    • You use a fixed amount of energy to operate the boat, your character could simple leave the screen and start the minigame, or navegate through another map, if the second method is adopted you lose energy as you walk in this new map;

    • Boat upgrade negate the energy cost;

    • The net minigame could be the same thing, but instead of see one fish on the bar we see a small cluster of fishes, but I believe that CA will take the challenge and develop something new, I admit that I have no creativity for this.

    • Lose all our energy and we faint as always.
    A new event for cleaning the beach if you have more than 6 hearts with everyone, every villager will add their personal touch based on their personality (Leah would create a sculpture, Evelyn a flower pot, etc), I think of it like a "mini" community center bundle, but hearts also are required because you cannot motivate people in make something if youre a total stranger, I think when you reach 6 hearts youre already a good friend with that person.

    I think that It's all, It may sound simple (a boat, new sea map and dialogues) but It's a lot of work for CA :lickitung: I would not bother if this could come as a DLC, since he already gave us a lot for free and I would be more than pleased for support his work.



    PS: english isn't my main language and I know that I screw up when I write long posts.
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        Time to Get that Captain hat bois, To the high seas!
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          Ok this is amazing. I love how you've put so much effort into this too. <3:love: How you've made the post so neat plus the photos to help with the visuals. Love the details.

          +100 for having Luffy as your dp. You're so in theme.
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            I would love some new stuff for fishing. A boat to go out into the deeper ocean, or even up the lake past the waterfall or down the river toward the spring dance grounds would be fantastic. Nets you could set like the crab pots would be amazing, as would making the beach more populated during summer.
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              Fishing is one of my favorite activities in the game and I would like to see a fishing career that would bring in more money, variety of fish, bait, etc.

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