Modding Help Making Events Play Again or Programming a Mini-game

Discussion in 'Mods' started by IronZelly, Jan 26, 2017.

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    I've noticed a demand on the forums for the mini-game from the Solorian Chronicles event in Sebastian's basement to become accessible and re-playable after the cutscene had been activated. Given how it has a grading system and enough options to make the experience unique to the player, it wouldn't be a bad idea.
    I was thinking that the mini-game could be called via pop-up menu (that says something along the lines of: "Schedule a gaming session with Sam and Sebastian?") after clicking the game board on Sebastian's gaming table, much in the same nature as the arcade games at the Saloon or festival games, with the prerequisite of having already seen the cutscene (there's definitely a code for that, I checked) and having a relationship of at least 2 hearts or higher with Sebastian to play (in case you've been sinning lost friendship points with him somehow).

    However, there's an issue regarding events where they can only be played once per save file, and unfortunately the cutscene isn't programmed like a mini-game despite being labeled and functioning as one.

    So my questions would be, is there a way to make the event into a legit mini-game and not as a one-time cutscene? Where would I start? I have the .yaml for the cutscene itself, but where and what files do I need to find for the code that allows mini-games to work specifically? Would I need to make a SMAPI mod, or could it just be possible through XNB modding?

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